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Review - B & W Zeppelin Air

B & W Zeppelin Air

Review - B&W Zeppelin Wireless Speaker System By Techhive
T he B&W Zeppelin Wireless £499 is reviewed by US reviewer Techhive. They see the B&W Zeppelin Wireless as the latest B&W Zeppelin Air and award 4 stars (think the award unit is the star) out of 5. Concluding :-

Review - Arcam rDock-uni

Arcam rDock-uni

Review of the Arcam rDock uni by Audio Appraisal
T he £200 Arcam rDock uni is a docking device designed to connect an apple iDevice to a hifi system using a wired lightning connection and the internal DAC within the Arcam rDock uni. Audio Appraisal reviews the Arcam rDock uni and find :-

Review - JBL Charge Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

JBL Charge Bluetooth Wireless Speaker

Review of the JBL Charge Wireless Bluetooth speaker from What Hi-Fi
J BL Charge is a £120 wireless speaker with a smart design clever features and good sound. Read the review from What Hi-Fi below :-


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