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Review - Rotel A12

Rotel A12

A new review of the A12 Integrated from Rotel by Sound And Vision
R otel's new A12 Integrated amp is reviewed by Sound And Vision. The A12 Integrated's price at the time of the review was $899 (£799 at the time of writing in the UK). In summary Sound And Vision believes that the A12 Integrated merits the full 5 stars.

Review - RCD-1570 CD

RCD-1570 CD

Rotel's new Integrated Amplifiers the A14 is out and What Hi-Fi has given their verdict
W hat Hi-Fi gives the A14 from Rotel the once over in a new review. The A14's review price was £1,000. The venerable Integrated Amplifiers reviewer What Hi-Fi has given the A14 3 stars.

Review - Rotel RA-1592 - Integrated Amp

Rotel RA-1592 - Integrated Amp

Review - Rotel RA-1592 - Integrated Amp By CNet
C Net review the Rotel RA-1592 integrated amp ($2,499, £1,895, AU$3,499) which offers a very powerful 200 Watts per channel and digital inputs capable of decoding Hi-Res Audio. Interestingly their review comes about because they choose the RA-1592 to partner the B&W 805 D3 speakers for an 805 D3 review. They do partner the RA-1592 with more affordable speakers (Pioneer Elite SP-EFS73 towers) and compare it against a NAD C356BEE integrated amp. For good measure they try out the headphone amp with Oppo PM-3s and sum up the RA-1592 with :-

Review - Rotel RDD-1580 DAC

Rotel RDD-1580 DAC

Review of the Rotel RDD-1580 - Bluetooth USB DAC - by What Hi-Fi
A 4 star review of the £600 Rotel RDD-1580 - Bluetooth USB DAC by What Hi-Fi. They conclude :-

Review - RCD-1570 CD

RCD-1570 CD

Review of the Rotel Stack - Rotel RCD-1570 CD Player, RC-1570 P7 Preamplifier, and RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier by TAS
R eview of the "Rotel Stack" which is the Rotel RCD-1570 CD Player, rotel RC-1570 P7 Preamplifier, and rotel RB-1552 Mk II Power Amplifier by TAS fom across the pond. They conclude :-

Review - Rotel RA-10

Rotel RA-10

Rotel RA-10 - What Hi-Fi product of the year 2012
W hat hi-Fi Quote for this £349 integrated amp :-


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