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Review - Micromega MyAmp

Micromega MyAmp

Review of the Micromega MyAmp by What Hi-Fi
T he Micromega MyAmp costs £480 and is a tiny desktop integrated amp yet still capable of 30 Watts per channel, digital de-coding acting as a USB DAC and Bluetooth connectivity. What Hi-Fi takes the Micromega MyAmp out for review and award it four stars.

Review - Micromega MyDAC

Micromega MyDAC

Review of the Micromega MyDAC by TAS
T he £260 Micromega MyDAC, a USB DAC, is reviewed by the well-respected US reviewer TAS ( aka The Absolute Sound ). TAS don't go in for numeric or even stellar ( in terms of stars awarded ) product ratings, but instead let you know their opinion on a product via their writings. They sum up the Micromega MyDAC with :-

Review - Micromega MyDAC

Micromega MyDAC

Micromega MyDac awarded Hi-Fi News top award - Editors Choice awardHi-Fi News
T he blue circled hi-fi news Editors choice is hi-fi news's top award.


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