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Review - JL Audio E-Sub E110

JL Audio E-Sub E110

Great review of the e110 home audio subwoofers in Stereophile
T he venerable hifi magazine's reviewer faces the dilemma of replacing their Paradigm Reference Servo-15 subwoofer. All things pointed to getting a powered sub or subs capable of excellent bass extension that, more important, would integrate acoustically and aesthetically with their system. He gets two of their E-Sub e110 subwoofers ($1499.99 each in Black Ash finish) as they open up more placement options, their lower weight makes it easier to move, and the use of two will mitigate some of the differences in FR and power between it and the f113.

Review - JL Audio E-Sub E112

JL Audio E-Sub E112

Review of the JL Audio E-Sub E112 - powered subwoofer by Hometheaterhifi
A favourable review of the £2049 JL Audio E-Sub E112 - powered subwoofer, from across the pond, by Hometheaterhifi. They conclude :-


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