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Review - Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Metrum Acoustics Pavane

Metrum Acoustics Reveal Pavane - Their New Flagship NOS USB DAC
T he Metrum Acoustics' Pavane USB DAC is Metrum Acoustics flagship DAC. True to Metrum Acoustics design beliefs the Pavane is a NOS (No Oversampling DAC) which uses 8 proprietary Metrum DAC converter modules boosted by FPGA-driven forward correction modules. The Pavane is the first Metrum Acoustics model to include AES/EBU inputs and balanced outputs.

Review - Metrum Octave DAC MkII

Metrum Octave DAC MkII

Metrum Octave DAC MkII - Available from iStereos
T he Mk1 version of this DAC caused quite a stir when it first appeared as it abandoned digital filtering and oversampling making it a NOS (No Oversampling) DAC. It attracted comments such as "Best DAC under £2000" and "If it were 10 times its price it'll still be good value" Jason Kennedy HiFi Choice.


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