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Review - Yamaha NX-N550

Yamaha NX-N550

Yamaha Launch The NX-N550 Speakers
T he Yamaha NX-N550 speakers are both wireless Bluetooth (and Airplay) speakers and wired (via USB) digital speakers possessing an internal USB DAC capable of decoding Hi-Res Audio and active amplification. Music can be streamed to the NX-N550 speakers using Yamaha's MusicCast. MusicCast allows a number of MusicCast enabled systems to be configured into a multi-room house wide HiFi system and controlled by a Smartphone app. The NX-N550 come with a remote and there's also an optical input capable of accepting 192 kHz 24 bit computer audio files.

Review - Yamaha YSP-2700

Yamaha YSP-2700

Yamaha Launch The YSP-2700 Soundbar
T he Yamaha YSP-2700 at £899 is an upgraded version of the YSP-2500 Soundbar and offers 7.1 channel surround sound from a 2 box wireless sub-woofer / Soundbar system using Yamaha's Sound Projection system. The YSP-2700 also offers MusicCast, Yamaha's new multi-room streaming technology and can act as a Bluetooth speaker.

Review - Yamaha WXA-50 Amplifier and WXC-50 Pre-Amplifier

Yamaha WXA-50 Amplifier and WXC-50 Pre-Amplifier

Yamaha Reveal The WXA-50 Amplifier and WXC-50 Pre-Amplifier
Y amaha have revealed the WXA-50 Steaming Amplifier and WXC-50 Streaming Pre-Amplifier as part of their MusicCast streaming range. These are both available to buy now - the WXA-50 is £399 and the WXC-50 is £299. The idea behind both products is that they can be used to bring non-Yamaha or non-Yamaha MusicCast HiFi or AV equipment into the MusicCast fold. You can use MusicCast to stream (wired or wirelessly) to both the WXA-50 and WXC-50 then in the case of the WXA-50 just attach a pair of existing speakers. Or in the case of the WXC-50, just plug it into an existing power amp or music system.

Review - Yamaha YSP-5600 - Soundbar

Yamaha YSP-5600 - Soundbar

Yamaha Launch The YSP-5600 - Soundbar
T he Yamaha YSP-5600 Soundbar is just one box but is capable of creating a Dolby Atmos Sound Field. It achieves this Dolby Atmos Surround sound from a 44-speaker array in a total 46-speaker configuration — which is largest number of speakers ever in a Yamaha YSP Soundbar. The ATMOS height effect is achieved via six height channel speakers on each side which provide 3D surround sound reproduction equivalent to a 7.1.2 channels Dolby Atmos system. With Yamaha's MusicCast system you can playback music via your smart device on the Yamaha YSP-5600 and use the smart device to control the YSP-5600. The YSP-5600 can even stream music content to other MusicCast products. Playback can be both wired and wireless via Airplay Bluetooth 2.1+EDR and Wi-Fi.

Review - Yamaha A-S1100 - Integrated Amp

Yamaha A-S1100 - Integrated Amp

Yamaha Launch The A-S1100 - Integrated Amp
T he Yamaha A-S1100 Integrated Amp is a pure analogue integrated amp, so no digital inputs, offering 160 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms. In addition the A-S1100 offers a phono stage for both MM and MC cartridges (the cartridge type can be selected via a switch at the back), two sets of speaker outputs, a headphone output, 12 Volt triggers and pre outs for addition of a power amp and a remote control. Oh and of course there are Yamaha’s trademark power metres.

Review - Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones

Yamaha EPH-100 - Earphones

Yamaha Launch THe EPH-100 Earphones
T he Yamaha EPH-100 in-ear headphones or earphones retail for £99.99 (but are available for less). The EPH-100s features a 6mm (1/4 inch.) diameter super-compact driver, housed in a metal container, that can be inserted straighter and closer to the eardrum than ordinary earphones. This allows you to hear pure, low-distortion sound without unwanted sound reflections. You enjoy natural, accurate reproduction with all sound sources. The body is made of high quality aluminium, exceptionally light and hard, it provides a good feel while helping to minimise sound loss.

Review - Yamaha B043

Yamaha B043

Yamaha launches its new Yamaha MCR-B034D - Complete HiFi System
Y amaha has launched the MCR-B034 micro component system. Due to be available for purchase at authorized Yamaha dealers this week, the price in US Dollars is $299.95, which helps give a guide to the UK price.

Review - Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast - More Info From Audio Affair
M ore info On the Yamaha MusicCast multi-room streaming system set to be a rival to BlueSound and Sonos. Audio Affair note that unlike the rivals MusicCast isn't limited to speakers but can serve content to Soundbars and existing HiFi or AV Systems. The piece covers what MusicCast is and goes through MusicCast capable components from Yamaha.

Review - Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha MusicCast

Yamaha Launch MusicCast - A Multiroom Streaming System
Y amaha's MusicCast is a new streaming system that allows you to play music in any room. The source can be a NAS, computer, external streaming service or even a turntable. MusicCast can then stream this music to MusicCast compatible hardware and can even be controlled via a smartphone or tablet.

Review - YAS-105


Yamaha launches a new sound bar the YAS-105
T he new soundbar features an ultra-slim design. It also has dual built-in subwoofers that should enhance bass.

Review - Yamaha EPH M100 Earphones

Yamaha EPH M100 Earphones

Yamaha Launch the EPH-M100 - In-Ear Headphones or Earphones
A t £99 the Yamaha EPH-M100 In-Ear Headphones or Earphones are derived from the existing EPH-100 Headphones but also include trickle down technology from the Yamaha EPH-M200 headphones. The M in the name signifies the inclusion of a Microphone and remote.

Review - Yamaha EPH-M200

Yamaha EPH-M200

Yamaha Launch the EPH-M200 - In-Ear Headphones
T he Yamaha EPH-M200 are billed as a high performance pair of In-Ear headphones. At £100 they come in three finishes black, red or white.

Review - Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp

Yamaha A-S801 - Integrated amp

Yamaha reveal the Yamaha A-S801 an Integrated amp
Y amaha recently revealed at IFA 2014, a trio of new integrated amps namely the Yamha A-S301 , A-S501 and A-S701. Available in November 2014 will be the Yamaha A-S801. The Yamaha A-S801 incorporates the feature rich aspects of the other three models but offers 140 Watts per channel into 8-Ohms, In addition the Internal USB DAC can de-code both DSD64 and BSD128 or double DSD.

Review - Yamaha A-S501

Yamaha A-S501

Yamaha release a video with more info on the Yamaha - A-S301 , A-S501 , A-S701 and A-S801 Integrated amps
A YouTube video from Yamaha ( shot at Cedia 2014 a large North American Show - Be aware that the prices quoted are in dollars ) with more info on their now 4 model strong A-S301 to A-S801 Integrated amplifier range.

Review - Yamaha NX speaker range

Yamaha NX speaker range

Yamaha reveal the Yamaha NX-50 and NX-B55 - Computer speakers
Y amaha have revealed the Yamaha NX-B55 a Bluetooth capable speaker and the Yamaha NX-50 computer speaker systems, both of which offer exceptional sound quality, sharp-looking aesthetic design and mobile device friendly features.

Review - Yamaha YAS-203 - Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-203 - Soundbar

Yamaha launch the YAS-203 - Soundbar
T he £400 Yamaha YAS-203 is a Sound Bar with Wireless Subwoofer, capable of 7.1 channel sound and 200 Watts of total power. It can even function as Bluetooth speaker for hifi play back.

Review - Yamaha A-S3000

Yamaha A-S3000

Yamaha launch the CD-S3000 - CD Player and USB DAC
T he £3,500 Yamaha CD-S3000 - CD Player is based around a highly rigid body and CD mechanism to minimise damaging external vibrations.

Review - Yamaha R-N500

Yamaha R-N500

Yamaha Launch The Yamaha R-N501 - Streamer and Integrated amp
T he £350 Yamaha R-N500 is a one bow streamer, USB DAC and integrated amp. Just add digital or analogue sources and speakers. Furthermore AirPlay, Spotify Connect, internet radio, and FM and AM radio are also available. If this wasn’t enough there’s also a moving magnet (MM) phono preamp.

Review - Yamaha A-S701 - Integrated amp

Yamaha A-S701 - Integrated amp

Yamaha launch the Yamaha A-S701 - Integrated amp
T he Yamaha A-S701 is the top model in a range of three new integrated amps ( the others being the Yamaha A-S301 and the Yamaha S-S501). The Yamaha A-S701 integrated amplifier offers the maximum power of the three models at 100 Watts into 8 Ohms. It also has gold plated speaker posts.

Review - Yamaha R-N301

Yamaha R-N301

Yamaha launch the Yamaha R-N301 - Streamer and Integrated amp
T he Yamaha R-N301 is a Streamer or Network audio player an internet radio and an integrated amp. The integrated amplifier section can drive two pairs of speakers offering 100 Watts per channel into 8 ohms.

Review - Yamaha CD-N301 - CD Player

Yamaha CD-N301 - CD Player

Yamaha launch the Yamaha CD-N301 - CD Player
Y amaha describe the CD-N301 as a basic CD player with audio network capabilities i.e. Network Audio Player. There’s also support for AirPlay and the streaming services of Spotify and Pandora.

Review - Yamaha A-S301 - Integrated amplifier

Yamaha A-S301 - Integrated amplifier

Yamaha launch the Yamaha A-S301 - Integrated amp
T he Yamaha A-S301 is the entry level model in a range of three new integrated amps ( the others being the Yamaha A-S501 and the Yamaha S-S701). All three models use ToP-ART Design – Top-ART stands for (Total Purity Audio Reproduction Technology) . They also use ART ( ART here stands for Anti-Resonance and Tough in a rigid base to ensure optimum sound quality.

Review - Yamaha A-S501

Yamaha A-S501

Yamaha launch the Yamaha A-S501 - Integrated amp
T he £360 Yamaha A-S501 Integrated amp ( available in black or silver ) is the successor to the well regarded Yamaha A-S500. The casework has been made sturdier to reduce the impact of vibrations on the electronics. There’s also an all new digital board accepting Coax and optical inputs. The £40 YBA-11 Bluetooth adapter can be added to allow the Yamaha A-S501 to act as a Bluetooth receiver.

Review - Yamaha YSP-2500

Yamaha YSP-2500

Yamaha reveal the Yamaha YSP-2500 soundbar
T he £799 Yamaha YSP-2500 soundbar is due out in August 2014 and is the replacement for the award winning Yamaha YSP-2200. The Yamaha YSP-2500 soundbar will offer a wireless subwoofer option. (previously in the Yamaha YSP-2200 the connection was via a cable).

Review - Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Yamaha SRT-1000 Soundbase

Yamaha launch the SRT-1000 Soundbase
T he T.S.P. £399 (but available for less) Yamaha SRT-1000 (available this summer 2014) is Yamaha’s first Soundbase distinguishable as such via the SRT prefix. Although a Soundbase designed to go under your TV, it employs a Surround sound system featuring Digital Sound Projector technology taken from the award winning Yamaha Soundbars. It can also act as a Bluetooth speaker with a dedicated app for smartphone control. (Justifying its inclusion in HiFi Enthusiast !)

Review - Spotify connect coming to Yamaha Stereo Receiver and Micro Component Systems

Spotify connect coming to Yamaha Stereo Receiver and Micro Component Systems
Y amaha announced today that it will support Spotify Connect this spring. Spotify Connect is a new home audio experience giving you effortless control of your music across your phone, tablet and speakers with millions of songs built right in. Spotify Connect is already available on 2013 released Yamaha stereo receiver and micro component system via a firmware update.

Review - Yamaha NX-P100

Yamaha NX-P100

Yamaha Launch the NX-P100 - Bluetooth Wireless speaker
T he circa £155 (but available for less now) Yamaha NX-P100 is a small but powerful Bluetooth Wireless speaker that also does NFC communication from an NFC equipped mobile device. It is available in two colours white or black.

Review - Yamaha A-S2100

Yamaha A-S2100

Yamaha launch the A-S2100 integrated amp
I t’s encouraging for the HiFi Enthusiast to see Yamaha once again producing 2 channel HiFi components. This started with the well-received Yamaha A-S3000 integrated amp. At £3500 though, this integrated amp was decidedly high end. The Yamaha A-S2100 is a 160 watt per channel stereo integrated amp that uses trickle down technology from the A-S3000 while retaining similar visuals and features :-

Review - Yamaha CD-S2100

Yamaha CD-S2100

Yamaha launch the CD-S2100 - CD Player and USB DAC
T he Yamaha CD-S2100 is the matching CD player and USB DAC for the Yamaha A-2100 integrated amp. These two in combination, now form a more affordable version of Yamaha’s flagship Yamaha CD-S3000 and Yamaha A-S3000 (£3500 a pair for these). As well as CD replay the Yamaha CD-S2100 has an Asynchronous USB DAC for computer audio replay of files up to 24 bit 192 kHz. The Yamaha CD-S2100 has an SRP of £1599.95 is available in two finishes either silver (as shown) or piano black and will be available in the summer of 2014.

Review - Yamaha YAS-103 Soundbar

Yamaha YAS-103 Soundbar

Yamaha launch the YAS-103 Soundbar
Y amaha have launched the YAS-103 Soundbar / Bluetooth wireless speakers system, which builds on the success of its best-selling all-in-one sound bar (the Yamaha YAS-101) by adding Bluetooth® audio streaming and app control features. The Yamaha YAS-103 maintains the elegant design, exceptional audio quality and ease of use of its predecessor, as well as its single-body design with dual built-in subwoofers that deliver rich bass without the need for a separate subwoofer.

Review - Yamaha YSP-1400

Yamaha YSP-1400

Yamaha launch the YSP-1400 Soundbar
T he (£299-£349) Yamaha YSP-1400 Soundbar creates its surround sound effect by producing beams of sound, that reflect off the walls, and by controlling the direction of these beams. Where the beams come together i.e. the listening position can be adjusted over a wide area by using the remote control or the dedicated app. This allows many people to enjoy the powerful, expansive sound.

Review - Yamaha MCR-N560

Yamaha MCR-N560

Yamaha Launch the MCR-N560 all in one Hi-Fi Ststem
T he Yamaha MCR-N560 is a micro receiver bundled with a pair of elegant piano black speakers, the Yamaha MCR-N560 brings together the latest network and mobile device connectivity with conventional source support in a classic Hi-Fi design with outstanding sound quality.


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