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Review - Wilson Audio Yvette

Wilson Audio Yvette

Wilson Audio launch the Yvette - floor standing speaker
T he Wilson Audio Yvette speaker is a three way floor stander that combines technologies derived from Wilson’s top-end models in a more compact and affordable form. Technologies have been trickled down (in some cases with identical drivers) from Sasha Series 2, the Alexia, and the leading-edge Alexx. Wilson Audio states that - Yvette is the most advanced and musically refined single-enclosure loudspeaker in Wilson’s history.

Review - Wilson Audio Alexx

Wilson Audio Alexx

Wilson Audio Launch The Alexx Speaker
T he Wilson Audio Alexx was mentioned in the run up to CES 2016 and seen there, but now the Alexx is official. Unlike Wilson Audio's previous speaker, the Sabrina, the Alexx is a huge (height of a human) floor standing speaker that replaces the MAXX. The Wilson Audio Alexx is expected to be available spring 2016. The price is listed as P.O.A. but for those wondering, the price is expected to be £90,000 per pair (Inc. VAT).

Review - Wilson Audio Sabrina

Wilson Audio Sabrina

Wilson Audio Sabrina Floor standing Speakers - More Info From Wilson Audio
W ilson Audio see their $15,000 Sabrina speaker as a distillation down into a smaller sized speaker of all the best offered from their top of the range ( and huge ) XLF speakers. Wilson audio have updated their web site with a lot more details about the Sabrina.

Review - Wilson Audio Sabrina

Wilson Audio Sabrina

Wilson Audio launch the Sabrina Floorstanding speakers
W ilson Audio's Sabrina Speaker is a 3 way, one box floorstander which will retail in the US at $15,000 - a good guess at the UK retail price would be £15,000 ! the Sabrina will be available late 1st quarter 2015. The price makes the Sabrina Wilson Audio's "cheapest" speaker and Wilson audio sum up their goals with the Sabrina as -
The goal was what it always had been: to erase the boundary between live unamplified music, and its reproduction.


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