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Review - van den Hul Excalibur Monoblock power amp

van den Hul Excalibur Monoblock power amp

van den Hul launch the Excalibur Monoblock power amp
I guess someone in charge of product naming at van den Hul is a fan of the film Excalibur. In the fight to the death between King Arthur and Lancelot the defeated Arthur turns the tables on the easily triumphant Lancelot with the command to his sword “Excalibur I call upon your power”. Can the van den Hul Excalibur monoBlock power amps exert the same magic in a hifi system ?

Review - Van den Hul the Emerald

Van den Hul the Emerald

Van den Hul launch the Emerald pre amp
T he van den Hul Emerald balanced preamplifier is the next logic step after the introduction of The Grail SB (fully balanced phono preamp or phonostage).
van den Hul have used the same design ideas from our Grail SB, like the complete balanced DC coupled circuitry, HF PCB with 24 carat gold connections and 0.1% precise selected components. The very innovative electronic circuitry is able to handle a mix of balanced and unbalanced signals both on the input and output.


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