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Review - Cambridge Audio CXU

Cambridge Audio CXU

Cambridge Audio Launch The CXU - Univeral Player
T he £900 Cambridge Audio CXU (new to the Cambridge Audio CX range) is a universal player so can play Blu-ray disks ( both 3D and standard) as well as standard audio formats of CD, SACD, DVD-A, AVCHD and HDCD.

Review - Arcam UDP411

Arcam UDP411

Arcam release new software enabling vTuner on the UDP411 universal disk player
V Tuner enables internet radio and allows access to literally 1000 of internet radio stations some in High Definition. In the world of internet radio High Definition is 320 Kb per second which is top MP3 quality but below CD quality. The good news for Arcam UDP411 owners is that they can download the new software for free and listen to Internet Radio on the UDP411.

Review - Oppo BDP 105 EU

Oppo BDP 105 EU

New OPPO Android Media Control APP
O PPO has updated the Android Media Control APP to now support Tablets! (version 2.0.2). Find it via the Google link below :-

Review - Arcam UDP411

Arcam UDP411

Arcam launch the Arcam UDP411 - Universal player
T he £1,200 Arcam UDP411 is a Universal disk spinner capable of playing CDs , SACDs and video stored on Blu-Ray or DVD disks. In addition it's a Network audio Player capable of decoding up to 24 bit / 192 kHz Computer Audio files.


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