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Review - KEF Kube

KEF Kube

KEF Debuts All New Kube Subwoofer Range
K EF has their new Kube range of subwoofers. There are three of these the KEF Kube12b, Kube10b, and Kube8b. KEF’s design and engineering team coordinated closely to develop an advanced Digital Signal Processing algorithm (DSP) known as iBX. This Intelligent Bass Extension algorithm extends depth to maximise the capabilities of the custom designed driver, delivering unparalleled precision and ultimate synchronicity between amplifier, driver and sealed cabinet.

Review - Rel No.25

Rel No.25

Rel Launch the No.25 Sub Woofer
T he Rel 25 sub woofer is a wireless sub woofer with a £6,500 Suggested Retail. A member of Rel’s reference sub woofer range, the 25 commemorates and celebrates Rel’s 25th birthday, while pointing to the future. The 25 employs Rel’s most advanced design, engineering and craftsmanship. The 25 also comes with a circular remote which allows you to adjust the sub woofer from your listening chair. No more down on hands and knees round the back twiddling knobs then back to the chair to see what differences you’ve made !

Review - B&W DB Series

B&W DB Series

B&W launch the DB Series of Subwoofers
T he new B&W DB series consists of four powered subwoofers, the DB1D (pictured top left), the DB2D (pictured top right), the DB3D (pictured bottom left) and the DB1 (pictured bottom right). The first three models with the D suffix in the name use precision audiophile technologies derived from the 800 Series Diamond speakers.

Review - SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System

Does Your Sub-Woofer Worry Your Neighbours ?
I f so the answer could be the SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System (£69 for a set of six). The SVS SoundPath Subwoofer Isolation System was engineered to bring out the very best performance from your subwoofer by decoupling and isolating it from the floor. The result: tighter and cleaner sounding bass, less buzz/rattle in the room, and fewer complaints from adjacent neighbours in apartments and townhouses. It's the next best thing to sound-proofing and perfect for carpeted rooms, hardwood floors or any environment where rattle or vibration is evident.

Review - PMC Twenty.Sub

PMC Twenty.Sub

PMC launch the PMC Twenty.Sub - Subwoofer
P MC's mystery product at the Bristol HiFi Show 2015 has now been revealed. From the teaser photos it looked like a baby PMC twenty speaker. Although correct here in that it’s a twenty series product, it’s actually a lot bigger than any of the PMC stand mounted speakers such as the twenty.21 and twenty.22 and is in fact a Subwoofer the PMC Twenty Sub. It’s highly unusual as a subwoofer in that when you think of a subwoofer, you think of a cubic box with one side completely occupied by one large driver. The PMC Twenty.Sub is instead speaker shaped and has two drive units!

Review - PMC twotwo sub2 - Subwoofer

PMC twotwo sub2 - Subwoofer

PMC Reveal The PMC twotwo sub2 Subwoofer
T he PMC twotwo sub2 subwoofer improves on the existing PMC twotwo sub1 by offering greater headroom and dynamics. The PMC twotwo sub 2 is a low-distortion, active subwoofer featuring PMC's ATL bass-loading port technology. ATL is a technology where the bass port is extended and improved internally via tubes within the speaker or subwoofer (you can see the two ATL Ports at the front of the PMC twotwo sub2 subwoofer in the picture above), The active amplification in the PMC two two sub2 is provided via internal Class-D amplifiers. DSP based filtering and bass management (which extends bass output significantly without increasing distortion) adds to the sound quality. Finally in summary of the PMC twotwo sub2 a rigid, braced cabinet ensures that unwanted cabinet caused colouration is reduced to miniscule and inaudible levels.

Review - Jamo Sub 12

Jamo Sub 12

Jamo have 14 current Sub-Woofers in their portfolio
T here's a whole host of possibilities from Jamo, if you’re looking for a sub-woofer, - 14 in total. The Jamo Sub-Woofers range starts from the :-

Review - Klipsch Reference Subwoofers

Klipsch Reference Subwoofers

Klipsch Adds Three Subwoofers to the Klipsch Reference Speaker Lineup
T he three new Klipsch Reference subwoofers are the R-110SW, the R-112SW, and the R-115SW). These new models join the existing Klipsch R-10SW and R-12SW.

Review - DALI Sub E-9 F Subwoofer

DALI Sub E-9 F Subwoofer

Dali launch the Dali SUB E-9 F - Subwoofer
T he £419 Dali SUB E-9 F is Dali’s most compact subwoofer but its internal 170 Watt class D amp can put out some serious power. There are three finishes , white ( pictured ) , black ash and light walnut.

Review - JL Audio E-Sub E112

JL Audio E-Sub E112

JL Audio Launch the E-Sub E112 - powered subwoofer
T he JL Audio E-Sub 112 powered subwoofer comes in two finishes black gloss at £2049 and Ash at £1949. The JL Audio E-Sub E-Sub powered subwoofers apply a series of JL Audio’s key technologies to deliver exceptional sound quality, power and value in a wide range of demanding applications.

Review - Rel S Series

Rel S Series

Rel launch the S Series of SubWoofers
S een at the Bristol HiFi Show 2014 - The REL S Series wireless subwoofer range replaces the REL R series range and comprises 3 models. These are the £999 REL S2 , the £1299 REL S3 and the big Daddy the £1599 REL S5.

Review - SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

SVS SB-2000 Subwoofer

SVS Launch the SB 2000 and PB 2000 subwoofers
T he £649 SB 2000 subwoofer is on the left and is a sealed box subwoofer. The £739 PB 2000 subwoofer or ported box subwoofer is on the right.

Review - MartinLogan Dynamo 1500X SubWoofer

MartinLogan Dynamo 1500X SubWoofer

MartinLogan Launch the Dynamo 1500X SubWoofer
T he MartinLogan Dynamo Subwoofer range already includes. The MartinLogan 1000W ,700W , the 500 and 300 models. The new MartinLogan Dynamo 1500W is a 15 inch low distortion, powered by a 650 watt (1300 watt peak) amplifier, subwoofer with a powerful magnet structure to deliver huge excursion and output while preserving subtle bass detail. XLR, RCA, and 12-volt trigger inputs guarantee connection flexibility while simplifying system integration. Its standard down-firing configuration quickly (and easily) converts into a front-firing setup for those who prefer a "hidden" installation. With optional PBK room correction (sold separately) the Dynamo 1500X is guaranteed to sound exceptional in any room.

Review - Dynaudio Sub 250

Dynaudio Sub 250

Dynaudio launch the Sub 250 II active subwoofer
T he Dynaudio Sub 250 features a 200 Watt amplifier and a 10” / 24 cm long-throw woofer, the Dynaudio Sub 250 Compact achieves excellent bass performance down to the lowest frequencies. As a true Dynaudio product it incorporates exclusive Dynaudio driver technology: The very light yet rigid MSP (Magnesium Silicate Polymer) diaphragm and ultra-light aluminium voice coil ensure a precise and detailed reproduction of both music and sound effects, while the powerful magnet system, extra-large 4” / 100 mm voice coil diameter and long-throw driver design result in a powerful, deep and dynamic low frequency performance. The cubic shape, the compact size and the highly rigid MDF cabinet construction serve to reduce resonance to an absolute minimum.

Review - PMC twotwo sub1 active subwoofer

PMC twotwo sub1 active subwoofer

PMC launch the twotwo sub1 active subwoofer
T he new PMC twotwo sub1 is a low-distortion, active subwoofer featuring PMC’s unique ATL™ bass-loading technology, Class D amplification and DSP-based filtering and bass management, which extends bass output significantly with negligible harmonic distortion. The built-in amplifier delivers an impressive 400W of power to the sub, which has an active frequency response from a profound 22Hz up to 200Hz, and as with all PMC ATL™ designs, the tonal balance of the output remains consistent at all listening levels, from whisper-quiet to a stentorian blast. The sub1 can be deployed in a 2.1 configuration with twotwo series monitors to gain extra bass extension and headroom, or reproduce the low frequency effects (LFE) channel in a surround monitoring system.

Review - Yamaha NS-SW300 and NS-SW200 Subwoofers

Yamaha NS-SW300 and NS-SW200 Subwoofers

Yamaha Launch NS-SW300 and NS-SW200 Subwoofers
T wo new subwoofers from Yamaha THe Yamaha NS-SW300 at £299 and the NS-SW200 at £199. Both introduce a new technology, Twisted Flare Port, for clear and tight bass. A subwoofer that will match a wide range of speakers and interiors.


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