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Review - McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge

McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge

McIntosh launch the MB100 Digital Media Bridge
T he £5,995 McIntosh MB100 Media Bridge is the only current product that allows streaming from everyone’s favourite music streaming services – from Pandora® to SiriusXM® to Spotify® and beyond – with true McIntosh fidelity. Offering then the world’s music library at your fingertips ! In addition to on-board streaming services, the McIntosh MB100 allows guests to stream music directly from their wireless devices. The McIntosh MB100 also features cloud access for backup and synchronization across multiple systems.

Review - T+A Caruso Blu

T+A Caruso Blu

New Caruso Blu all in-one hi-fi system from T+A
T he new T+A Caruso Blu sounds even better than its predecessor, looks even better, and boasts the very latest technology.

Review - Sony HAP-S1

Sony HAP-S1

Sony Launch the HAP-S1 Hi-Res Hard Disk Audio Player
T He HAP-S1 is a 500GB Hi-Res Hard Disk audio system with 2x40W analogue amplifier, easy music file transfer & smartphone browsing. Price is £799.

Review - Sony UDA-1

Sony UDA-1

Sony launch the UDA-1 USB DAC headphone and amplifier
T he Sony UDA-1 is a USB DAC / headphone amp which has pretty much all computer audio formats covered via USB Sony, but it also supports coaxial, optical and analogue inputs. Unlike most of these DACs it also includes a 40-watt amplifier to drive a pair of desktop speakers.

Review - Sneaky DSM

Sneaky DSM

Linn Launch new Sneaky All in one Network streamer
A new all in one network streamer from Linn at £1750 - Just add speakers and a network connection.


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