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Review - Spendor D9

Spendor D9

Spendor D9 + SP200 - More Video Info From What Hi-Fi
W hat Hi-Fi have a short YouTube video, shot at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016, featuring the Spendor D9 and SP200 floor standing speakers. The Spendor D9 is a larger version of Spendor's D7 speaker, while the SP200 is an all-new floor standing addition to Spendor's Classic range.

Review - Spendor D9

Spendor D9

Spendor Launch The D9 Speakers
T he Spendor D9 speaker - (pictured on the right of the Devialet Phantom from the Bristol HiFi Show 2016), is a four driver, 3 way floor standing speaker with the tweeter positioned, unusually, below the mid-range drive unit, the two bottom drivers deliver the bass. The UK retail price for the D9 is £6,995 per pair for premium finishes and £5,995 per pair for standard finishes. Availability is April 2016.

Review - Spendor SP2/3R2

Spendor SP2/3R2

Spendor Launch The SP2/3R2 Speakers
T he Spendor SP2/3R2 is a two way front ported stand mounted speaker from Spendor that currently cost £2,795. Dedicated stands for the SP2/3R2 are available from Spendor at around £500. The SP2/3R2 is a member of Spendor’s classic range and the smaller brother of the smooth neutral sounding SP1/2R2 . The SP2/3R2 uses Spendor’s latest wide-surround small dome tweeter. Spendor sees this tweeter as offering all the advantages of a large dome whilst maintaining the phase stability of a small dome. The 21 cm bass mid-range driver also features phase correction.

Review - Spendor SP200

Spendor SP200

Spendor Launch The SP200 Speakers
T he Spendor SP200 floor standing loudspeaker joins Spendor’s Classic range as the new top of the range model. Four drive units are used in the SP200’s to work in a 3-way speaker with two 12 inch Spendor woofers comprising the bass unit in a sealed or non-ported design. The non ported design helps make room positioning of the SP200 less critical and allows the SP200 to be used in smaller rooms. For such a large speaker the SP200 is very efficient at 89dBb and offers an easy to drive load (8 Ohms falling to a minimum impedance of 6.2 Ohms) for the less powerful amplifiers out there.

Review - Spendor A6 R

Spendor A6 R

Spendor Launch The A6 R Speakers
T he Spendor A6R speakers come in at £2,500 and are a major reworking of the Spendor A6. The a6Rs are a two way floorstander and feature a new Spendor 18cm main drive unit featuring technology developed for the D7 high resolution speaker. This drive unit together with an all new crossover design utilising upgraded components extends both the low and high frequency range.

Review - Spendor S3/5R2

Spendor S3/5R2

Spendor Launch The S3/5R2 Speakers
T he Spendor S3/5R2 speakers (yours for £1,050.00) are a 2-way, sealed enclosure, stand or shelf mountable loudspeaker. The tweeter in the S3/5R2 is a 22mm wide-surround dome with fluid cooling. The mid-range and bass driver is a Spendor 140mm ep39 cone. The S3/5R2 offers a nominal 8 Ohm impedance (minimum impedance at 6.2 Ohms).

Review - Spendor A5R

Spendor A5R

Spendor Launch The Spendor A5R Speaker
T he circa £2,000 Spendor A5R is a small three way floor standing speaker. The three drive units are a traditional low bass driver, a mid range / bass driver, and a treble tweeter - all built by Spendor themselves. The low bass and mid range bass drivers are the same size at 15 cm but built with different materials - An ultra-light composite Kevlar piston for the low bass unit and for the mid / bass unit the same advanced polymer material as used in the more costly D7s.

Review - Spendor D1

Spendor D1

Spendor launch the D1 - 2 way speaker
T he £1,795 Spendor D1s are just 30cm high so can be used as a bookshelf / desk top or even stand mounted speaker. Separate stands are available at £ 595.


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