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Review - Shure KSE 1500 - In-Ear Electrostatic Headphones

Shure KSE 1500 - In-Ear Electrostatic Headphones

Shure Launch The KSE 1500 - In-Ear Electrostatic Headphones
T he SHURE’s KSE 1500 is the world’s first sound-isolating electrostatic earphone system. The KSE 1500 eaphone system is made up of two parts – the Sound-Isolating™ electrostatic earphones and a matching Hi-Res audio SHURE USB amp/DAC. The combined system (pictured) comes in at £2,199 and is being launched at the London’s headroom show (Jan 29/30th) where you’ll be able to try out the KSE 1500s.

Review - Shure SE112

Shure SE112

Shure launch the Shure SE112 In-Ear Headphone
T he £46 Shure SE112 In-Ear Headphones Feature a Dynamic MicroDriver for improved bass. The Shure SE112 delivers a great sound with deep bass and impressive sound isolation. A perfect audio upgrade for today’s portable digital devices. The Shure SE112 In-Ear Headphone comes with Sound Isolating sleeves (in multiple sizes) which block out outside noise and provide a secure, comfortable fit.


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