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Review - Samsung R1

Samsung R1

More Info On The Samsung 360 Bluetooth Speakers The R1, R3 and R5 From Richer Sounds
A bout a 3 minute YouTube video from Richer Sounds in which they provide more info, and demonstrate the features and operation of the Samsung R1 , R3 and R5 Bluetooth speakers. These three speakers form part of Samsung 360 Audio, which offers Omni directional sound, and follow on from the R6 and R7.

Review - Samsung Gear Icon X

Samsung Gear Icon X

Samsung Launch The Gear Icon X - In-Ear Headphones
T he Samsung Gear Icon X at around £170 is a music player, pair of in-ear headphones, and fitness tracker, all contained within two wireless in-ear headphones !

Review - Samsung HW-K650

Samsung HW-K650

Samsung Launch The HW-K650 Soundbar
T he Samsung HW-K650 is a two box six speaker (and six amplifier) soundbar combined with a wireless sub-woofer speaker system that retails for £399.00. The combination of the 6 speakers and wireless sub adds up to a 3.1 channel soundbar. The Samsung HW-K650 can function as a Bluetooth speaker offering Bluetooth streaming (as well as Wi-Fi streaming) and can be expanded to a full blown surround sound system by the addition of extra Samsung Radiant360 wireless speakers.

Review - Samsung Level On Pro

Samsung Level On Pro

Samsung Launch The Level On Pro Headphones
T he Samsung Level On Pros (retailing for £225) are an on-ear headphone that come in an ergonomic shape and a range of colours. The Samsung Level On Pro headphones are both wireless and noise-cancelling. A unique feature found in the Samsung Level On Pro is UHQA. UHQA stands for Ultra High Quality Audio. UHQA technology delivers a true 24bit digital audio experience with up to 2x wider frequency range than standard CD-quality wireless sound. Combined with Active Noise Cancellation, listeners experience vivid, concert hall sound. UHQA is compatible with select Samsung Galaxy devices.

Review - Samsung R5

Samsung R5

Samsung Launch The R5 Wireless Speaker
T he Samsung R5 is a wireless speaker that retails for £349.99 but it's available for less via the Amazon link below. The Samsung R5 also known as the Samsung WAM5500 R5, like its sister products the R1 and R3, is a portable speaker that offers both Bluetooth and W-Fi connections and 360 degree omni directional sound.

Review - Samsung R3

Samsung R3

Samsung Launch The R3 Wireless Speaker
T he Samsung R3 is a Wireless Speaker that is currently available for around £230 (from Amazon) R.R.P. £249.99. It's a portable speaker that can be connected to by both Wi-Fi and also by Bluetooth. The R3 is Omni directional so the same sound quality is heard in all directions. The 360 degree sound is achieved using Samsung’s Ring Radiator technology which disperses sound evenly in all directions.

Review - Samsung M5 - Wireless Streaming Speaker

Samsung M5 - Wireless Streaming Speaker

Samsung launch the Samsung M5 Multiroom Wireless Bluetooth Speaker
T he £230 Samsung M5 - Wireless Bluetooth Multiroom Streaming speaker is an app controllable 2 channel stereo speaker that sits between the smaller M3 and larger M7.


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