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Review - Russ Andrews GQ24

Russ Andrews GQ24

Russ Andrews launches a New IPOD Cable
T his interconnect allows you to connect your iPod directly to your amp and enjoy the music stored on your portable player through your Hi-Fi system!

Review - Russ Andrews launch the AC-24 1000 power supply

Russ Andrews launch the AC-24 1000 power supply
T he Russ Andrews AC-24 1000 is a new 24v AC premium, power supply. Suitable for any piece of equipment, such as a Rega Planar turntable, that requires a 24v AC power supply and whose current demand is up to 1000mA. Price is £179.10.

Review - iFi iUSB Power Supply

iFi iUSB Power Supply

Russ Andrews now selling the iFi USB Power Supply
A vaialbe at £175 from Russ Andrews. They claim it improves pretty much any USB DAC. See further details below.


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