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Review - Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan go upmarket with their Blak series CD player
T he new CD player is the pinnacle of Roksan’s CD replay and tops their range, trumping the Caspian M2. The new disc player is a highly sophisticated design with striking aesthetics and an audiophile reference standard performance.

Review - Roksan Radius 7

Roksan Radius 7

Roksan Launch The "Pink" Turntable
R oksan Audio have announced a special edition version of their Radius 7 turntable (SRP £2,050) , in a stylish pink finish.

Review - Black Series

Black Series

Roksan launches new blak series
R oksan have created a new hifi line, the Blak series, that is handmade in the UK and at a specialised facility in Germany. The range includes a CD player and integrated amplifier. The price is £2.5k for the CD player and £2.75k for the amplifier.

Review - Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

Roksan Blak Integrated Amplifier

Roksan Reveal The blak Integrated Amp
T he Roksan blak Integrated Amp, which will retail at £2,750, was first seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016 (Bottom box in the picture). The card announcing blak to the world used the word "Black". Probably someone incorrectly corrected (if you know what I mean !) the English from blak to Black for the Roksan Product Catalogue has details of the blak integrated amp as part of the new Roksan blak range (and the photo has blak on the integrated amp and CD Player) - so here goes :-

Review - Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan blak CD Player

Roksan Reveal The blak CD Player
T he Roksan blak CD Player (top box in the picture) is described by Roksan as the perfect partner for the blak integrated amp. The blak pairing was first seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016 under the name "Black". The Recommended Retail Price for the blak CD Player is £2,500. The Roksan 2016 Product catalogue continues about the blak CD Player with :-

Review - Roksan TR-5 S2

Roksan TR-5 S2

Roksan Reveal The TR-5 S2 Speaker
T he Roksan TR-5 S2 Speaker is an upgrade to the original TR-5 bookshelf speaker. The TR5 was a very popular speaker choice for the K2 electronics range so has seen a 2016 upgrade to the TR-5 S2 model which will retail at £995. The TR-5 S2 speakers are seen by Roksan as the perfect match for the K3 electronics range, and were demoed at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016.

Review - Roksan Radius 7

Roksan Radius 7

Roksan Launch The Radius 7 Turntable
T he Roksan Radius 7 Turntable is being launched at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016. The Roksan Radius 7 is the latest incarnation of Roksan’s coveted Radius turntable. The Radius 7 sports a new plinth material and a vastly upgraded motor, elevating the performance of this stylish, popular deck to new levels. Retail price is £1,900.00, and the Roksan Radius 7 is supplied with a Nima tonearm as standard. Availability is March 2016.

Review - Roksan K3 Power Amp

Roksan K3 Power Amp

Roksan Launch The K3 Power Amp
R oksan have launched the K3 Power Amp (£950) a dedicated Stereo Power Amplifier for the K3 range. The K3 Power Amp is designed to augment the K3 Integrated Amp. The combination of the K3 Power Amp and K3 Integrated amp can then be used either as a pre/power amplifier or for bi-amping (speakers permitting). Those that have heard the K3 Power Amp in action say it continues the K3 range's rich sound quality.

Review - Roksan K3 DAC

Roksan K3 DAC

Roksan Launch The K3 DAC
T he Roksan K3 DAC is Roksan’s first stand-alone DAC and offers K3 styling along with two USB ports, traditional digital inputs and support for up to 24-bit/192kHz (PCM) and DSD up to DSD 128 or double DSD (over DoP) for £1,250. The Roksan K3 DAC has K-LINK technology built-in. K-LINK uses wireless technology to stream CD-quality audio wirelessly from sources that may typically not have Bluetooth built-in. K-Link works over longer distances than Bluetooth can normally muster.

Review - Roksan Oxygene 30

Roksan Oxygene 30

Roksan Launch The Oxygene 30 Turntable
T he Roksan Oxygene 30 turntable – SRP £2,500 uses trickle down technology from Roksan’s iconic Xerxes, and sits in the middle of the Roksan turntable range (above the Radius 5.2, but below the Xerxes 20Plus). The Oxygene 30 comes as a package of Oxygene 30 deck, XPS-7 speed control/power supply and a Pro-Ject 9CC Evolution tonearm. The cartridge is up to you to decide on.

Review - Roksan K3 CD Di

Roksan K3 CD Di

Roksan Launch The K3 CD Di - CD PLayer and USB DAC
T he Roksan K3 CD Di ( SRP £1,300) is two pieces of HiFi in the same box. A CD Player and a USB DAC. The CD Player is the Roksan K3 CD Player. The USB DAC is a brand new Roksan DAC capable of decoding up to 24 bit 192 kHz computer audio via two digital inputs (coax and optical). An illuminated rocker switch indicates which mode ( CD Player or USB DAC ) the Roksan K3 CD Di is operating in.

Review - Roksan Pug

Roksan Pug

Roksan Launch The Pug Tonearm
T he £1,375 Roksan Pug Tonearm boasts a striking design that combines an over-sized carbon fibre tube with high-quality anodised aluminium sections. But as noteworthy as the aesthetic is, the sound performance is really something special.

Review - Roksan Caspian Phono Electronics

Roksan Caspian Phono Electronics

Roksan Launch The Caspian Phono Electronics Range
R oksan have upgraded and overhauled their existing Caspian phono electronics range with four brand new products. The upgrades have resulted in the RPP phono stage, the RPM turntable speed control (pictured) and two ‘Vinyl System Control’ solutions – the VSC and VSC S2. For those wondering what a Vinyl System Control is – the VSC s are both a phono stage and speed control in one box – more on the VSC s later:-

Review - Roksan reveal the RPM, RSC and VSC - Turntable Speed Control and Phono Preamps

Roksan reveal the RPM, RSC and VSC - Turntable Speed Control and Phono Preamps
T he Roksan RPM is a turntable speed control (perhaps RPM as in revolutions per minute gives it away). The RPM is specifically designed to work with the Xerxes turntable. The RSC is a Phono Preamp. The VSC is a combination of both the turntable speed control found in the RPM and the Phono Preamp found in the RSC. Finally for the ultimate combination of these products - the VSC 2S is the VSC with an external DS 1.5 power supply. Roksan see the RPM, RSC and VSC as additions to the Caspian range.

Review - Roksan K3 Range

Roksan K3 Range

Roksan launch the Roksan K3 Range with initially the K3 CD Player and K3 Integrated amp
R oksan have started shipping the Roksan Kandy K3 range. Initially this will be the CD Player and the Integrated amp. Both the K3 Integrated amplifier and the K3 CD Player come in at an SRP of

Review - Roksan K3 Range

Roksan K3 Range

Roksan reveals the K3 range
R oksan revealed a brand new K3 range at the Munich High End Hifi Show 2014. The three models in the Roksan K3 range are a CD Player (pictured), a DAC and an integrated amp.

Review - Roksan Darius S1

Roksan Darius S1

Roksan Launch the Darius S1 speaker
T he £5000 Roksan Darius S1 is a two way stand mounted speaker using a high quality folded ribbon tweeter and a 5.5-inch custom-designed long-throw bass-mid driver. It comes in two colours White or Black

Review - Roksan K2 BT Integrated Amp

Roksan K2 BT Integrated Amp

Roksan launch the K2 BT Integrated Amplifier
R oksan's K2 BT integrated amp retains all the essential renowned elements of the award-winning previous K2 model. The Roksan's K2 BT though improves on imaging, sound staging, transparency and dynamic range whilst also introducing wireless connectivity. The Roksan's K2 BT though retains the original punch and weight whilst combining high-end audiophile sound factors. The results are there for all to hear and represent an easily discernible sonic improvement on an already renowned amplifier.


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