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Review - Rel No.25

Rel No.25

Rel Launch the No.25 Sub Woofer
T he Rel 25 sub woofer is a wireless sub woofer with a £6,500 Suggested Retail. A member of Rel’s reference sub woofer range, the 25 commemorates and celebrates Rel’s 25th birthday, while pointing to the future. The 25 employs Rel’s most advanced design, engineering and craftsmanship. The 25 also comes with a circular remote which allows you to adjust the sub woofer from your listening chair. No more down on hands and knees round the back twiddling knobs then back to the chair to see what differences you’ve made !

Review - Rel S Series

Rel S Series

Rel launch the S Series of SubWoofers
S een at the Bristol HiFi Show 2014 - The REL S Series wireless subwoofer range replaces the REL R series range and comprises 3 models. These are the £999 REL S2 , the £1299 REL S3 and the big Daddy the £1599 REL S5.

Review - Rel Habitat 1

Rel Habitat 1

REL Wins at Bristol!
R EL Awarded “Most Innovative Room” at Bristol Sound & Vision Show for Habitat 1 On-Wall Subwoofer


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