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Review - Audio Research Ref 160M

Audio Research Ref 160M

Audio Research - Announcing the New REF160M
A fter two years in development, the new Reference 160M (REF160M) Monoblock Power Amplifier is here. The 160M , offers 140 Watts per channel, and features a refined audio topology with fewer and better components in the signal-path than in previous designs, switchable Ultra linear/Triode operation, proprietary auto-bias, output tube monitoring and protection, an advanced power meter, and much more.

Review - McIntosh MC611

McIntosh MC611

McIntosh announces new tech-rich 600-watt monoblock power amp
M cIntosh has launched the new MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier (£19,995 per pair). The new high-power monoblock amp offers a number of key updates and improvements over its predecessor, the MC601. Primary among them is a doubling of filter capacity resulting in a dramatic 55% increase in dynamic headroom (from 1.8dB to 2.8dB) helping to improve the bass frequency performance.

Review - Leema Hydra II

Leema Hydra II

Leema Acoustics launches an Anniversary Edition of its classic Hydra II power amp
L eema Acoustics, has launched a special Anniversary Edition of its Hydra II power amplifier, celebrating 10 years since its classic powerhouse amplifier made its debut.

Review - Audio Research VT80SE

Audio Research VT80SE

Audio Research launch the VT80SE power amp
T he new Audio Research VT80SE will premiere at the Warsaw Audio Video Show in Poland on November 17 - 19, 2017 in Room Studio TV2 at the PGE Narodowy Stadion. Audio Research are pleased to introduce the VT80SE, the Audio Research amplifier with the widest appeal to the greatest number of music lovers worldwide. By combining world-class performance with flexibility and features like auto-bias, the VT80 has been an amp that is easy to take home and just forget as you enjoy your music collection again for the first time.

Review - McIntosh MC1.25KW

McIntosh MC1.25KW

McIntosh launch the MC1.25KW - their most powerful monobloc power amps
M cIntosh launches its most powerful single-chassis monoblock power amps offering 1,200 watts, weighing in at 71kg, and costing £29,995 per pair. The new MC1.25KW is one of McIntosh’s most advanced amplifiers to date as a Quad Balanced Power Amplifier.

Review - NAD C 268

NAD C 268

NAD launch the C 268 Power Amp
T he NAD C 268 power amp is conservatively rated at 80Wx2 or 300Wx1 bridged mono with 500W peak capability. The C 268 is NAD’s latest affordable power amplifier. Balanced and RCA inputs, 12v triggers, variable input level control and current sensing auto turn-on highlight the features list. There is also line-outs for daisy chaining for bi-amped and tri-amplified systems.

Review - PS Audio S300 and M700

PS Audio S300 and M700

PS Audio launch two new power amps - S300 and M700
T he PS Audio Stellar S300 (pictured top)and Stellar M700 (two boxes below) power amps are designed to perfectly partner their new Stellar DAC and take the Stellar range to a complement of three units. The Stellar range is designed to offer a lot of the sound quality of their more upmarket components such as DirectStream DAC and the BHK power amps but be a lot more affordable, i.e. £1,500 for S300 and £3,000 for M700. As the names suggest S300 offers 300 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms (140 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms) from this stereo power amp and the two mono blocks of M700 combine to offer a massive 700 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms (350 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms).

Review - Audio Research VT80 Power Amp

Audio Research VT80 Power Amp

Audio Research Rounds out the Foundation Series with the New VT80 Power Amplifier
T he Audio Research VT80 is a 75 Watts per channel valve power amp and the fourth model in Audio Research's entry level Foundation range. The VT80 is also the first Foundation series power amp and allows a complete system (just add speakers and sources) to be put together from Foundation series components.

Review - Chord SPM1050MkII

Chord SPM1050MkII

Refinements for a classic Chord power amp - the new SPM 1050 MkII launches
C hord Electronics has significantly upgraded its popular 200 Watts per channel SPM 1050 power amplifier to the MkII version. The SPM 1050 MkII at £4,995 has numerous internal upgrades, together with a number of aesthetic improvements over the original which it replaces. The SPM 1050 MkII was first unveiled at High End 2016, Munich, and is available now worldwide.

Review - Moon 330A

Moon 330A

Simaudio Launch The Moon 330A Stereo Power Amp
T he Moon Neo 330A at £2,850 is a stereo power amp that offers 125 watts per channel into an 8 Ohm speaker and can double that with 250 Watts into 4 Ohms. Two 330A can be bridged together in bridged mono mode for even more power.

Review - Chord TToby

Chord TToby

Chord Reveal The TToby - A Matching Power Amp For The Chord Hugo TT
T he Chord TToby - A matching Power Amp For The Chord Hugo TT (pictured) has been revealed by Chord Electronics but there are no pictures available yet. Chord Electronics are showing two new proprietary-tech amplifiers at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2016, the first of these, the TToby is the complementary power amp for the Chord Hugo TT USB DAC / Headphone amp. The TToby is a new desktop stereo power amplifier designed to complement the Chord Hugo TT DAC and take advantage of its high-quality digital preamp functionality. The TToby has been created using the same form factor (i.e. in a matching sized case) as the Chord Hugo TT. The TToby will enable desktop audio lovers to create a high-performance Chord system where space is tight.

Review - Chord SPM1050MkII

Chord SPM1050MkII

Chord Reveal The Chord SPM 1050 MkII Power Amp
T he new Chord SPM 1050 MkII is an improved version of the Chord SPM1050. The SPM1050MkII is also a 200-watt stereo power amp that introduces a raft of internal upgrades, plus a number of aesthetic improvements over its predecessor. The new MkII version, which will be priced at £4,995, benefits from reduced output distortion and improvements to capacitance for a bigger, cleaner power delivery. The new SPM1050MkII uses the latest low-distortion amplifier circuitry and features four proprietary lateral-structure dual-die MOSFETs, enabling the amp to drive a wide range of difficult loudspeaker loads with ease. The MkII version also includes greater isolation on the mains transformer, to reduce interference.

Review - Roksan K3 Power Amp

Roksan K3 Power Amp

Roksan Launch The K3 Power Amp
R oksan have launched the K3 Power Amp (£950) a dedicated Stereo Power Amplifier for the K3 range. The K3 Power Amp is designed to augment the K3 Integrated Amp. The combination of the K3 Power Amp and K3 Integrated amp can then be used either as a pre/power amplifier or for bi-amping (speakers permitting). Those that have heard the K3 Power Amp in action say it continues the K3 range's rich sound quality.

Review - Naim DR Power Amps

Naim DR Power Amps

Naim DR Power Amps - More Info From Hi-Fi Plus
H i-Fi Plus report on the recent release of the Naim DR Power Amps from the launch event in Salisbury. They list all the four new DR models namely the NAP200 DR, NAP 250 DR, NAP 300 DR, and NAP 500 DR. They also see as significant the use of trickle down technology from the Naim Statement Amplification system (particularly the NA009 power transistors) used to enhance the DR power amps. They also note that Naim will be offering an upgrade program, to existing owners of recent Naim power amps to upgrade to 'DR' - All the details are in the article.

Review - Classe Sigma Mono Power Amp

Classe Sigma Mono Power Amp

Classe Expand The Sigma Range With The Mono Power Amp
T he Classe Sigma Mono is a result of Classe extending their existing Sigma range to include a new mono block power amp. Classe launched the first three Sigma series models, earlier this year to offer a more affordable version of the Delta range. The Sigma Mono continues the Sigma range with a mono block power amp rated at 350W into 8 ohms and 700W into 4 ohms.

Review - PS Audio BSK Signature Power Amp

PS Audio BSK Signature Power Amp

PS Audio BSK Signature 250 Power Amp - More Video Info
A collection of videos from PS Audio on their forthcoming BSK Signature 250 Power Amp. This power amp uses two valves in the input stages and Mosfets to do the power amplification. The first video via the link below looks at the history of the power amp and the designers Bascom H King's 50 year involvement in power amps. THe rest are in links to the right.

Review - Cyrus Stereo 200

Cyrus Stereo 200

Cyrus Stereo 200 Power amp and SID
T he new Stereo 200 power amp from Cyrus is a 200 watts per channel (into 6 ohms) hybrid class D amp. "hybrid" means a traditional Cyrus low noise toroidal transformer power supply, coupled with a new, high power, class D output device. This combination provides enormous continuous power and superb dynamics. The Cyrus Stereo 200 includes a feature called SID. SID is similar to Devialet's SAM system but unlike SAM it is active for higher frequency and doesn't need Cyrus to calibrate your speakers in advance.

Review - Primare A34.2 power amplifier

Primare A34.2 power amplifier

Primare Launch The A34.2 power amplifier
T he Primare A34.2 power amplifier comes in at £1,700 and is a Class D stereo power amp, so is quite light in weight at 23 lbs. As a Class D design - power shouldn't be a problem and it isn't as the A34.2 can output 150 Watts per channel.

Review - Classe Sigma Amp2

Classe Sigma Amp2

Classe launch the Sigma Series Amp2 - Power Amp
T he £3,000 Classe Sigma Amp2 is a two channel 200 Watts per channel power amp that forms part of Classe’s new Sigma series, The Sigma series offers a more affordable alternative to the Classe Delta series but nonetheless trickle down technology from the two channel Classe Delta CA-D200 power amp has been incorporated into the Sigma Amp 2.

Review - PS Audio BSK Signature Power Amp

PS Audio BSK Signature Power Amp

PS Audio Reveal the PerfectWave Power amp
P S Audio's PerfectWave Power amp was seen at the recent RMAF show in Denver. It’s going to be available in March 2015.

Review - Cyrus Stereo 200

Cyrus Stereo 200

Cyrus Audio Announces the Launch of the Stereo 200 Power amp - More info
A lthough Cyrus have announced the launch of the Stereo 200 Power amp, details remain very sketchy to say the least !

Review - Graham Slee Proprius - Power amp

Graham Slee Proprius - Power amp

Graham Slee offer free home trial
G raham Slee quote - Hearing is Believing. We're so confident that you will like our products that you can borrow them for free for a no-obligation home trial.

Review - Icon Audio MB81

Icon Audio MB81

Icon Audio reveal the Icon Audio MB81 - Valve MonoBlock Power amps
U pdate - The availability has now been announced as February 2015. The limited edition, and £12,500 per pair, Icon Audio MB81 is a triode valve amp , configured in push pull mode, that is capable of delivering 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms !

Review - Krell iBias Amplifier

Krell iBias Amplifier

Krell iBias amps more info in a video interview with Krell
D on't worry about the Cantonese at the start ( the video was made at the recent Hong Kong HiFi Show 2014) it quickly reverts to English as Krell explain their iBias ( think Class A without the heat ) technology and introduce the new Krell amplifiers using iBias.

Review - Benchmark AHB2

Benchmark AHB2

Benchmark AHB2 power amp - more info
T he performance of the AHB2 would not have been achievable without taking a radical approach to power amplification. In many ways, the AHB2 is a complete 180 degree departure from traditional high-end amplifier designs.

Review - Arcam P49 - Power amp

Arcam P49 - Power amp

Arcam launch the Arcam P49 Power amp
T he £3,000 Arcam P49 power amp, ( first seen at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2014) is Arcam’s top of the range stereo power amp.

Review - Musical Fidelity M8 500S

Musical Fidelity M8 500S

Musical Fidelity launch the M8 500S - Stereo power amp
T he Musical Fidelity M8-500s stereo power amp , first seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2014, is now available at £4499 in both silver and black finishes. The Musical Fidelity M8-500s is a fully balanced stereo amplifier which delivers 500wpc, which almost doubles into 4ohms.

Review - Icon Audio - MB 90 MK IIm

Icon Audio - MB 90 MK IIm

Icon Audio Launch the MB 90 MK IIm - Valve mono block power amps
T he Icon Audio MB90 MK IIm monoblock valve power amps are a very high performance power amplifier specifically designed to work in one of two modes Triode mode or Ultralinear mode. Which you choose ( via a switch on the power amps) depends upon your preference or power needs. Ultralinear mode offers 110W per channel , Triode mode offers 60W per channel. Icon Audio MB90 MK IIms can drive the very best of speakers with ease. Using only four valves the running cost and maintenance is low as the valves are run well within their maximum ratings. The front end is inspired by the famous British “Leak/Mullard” designs of the 1950s. This gives a very smooth musical quality to the high power available, making them very versatile in their application. Icon Audio’s unique big Tertiary wound “LDT” transformers give you true high end performance in every way: Dynamics. Macro Dynamics. Depth. Bandwidth. Purity. Warmth.


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