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Review - Pioneer PLX-500

Pioneer PLX-500

Pioneer Launch The PLX-500 - Vinyl Ripping Turntable
T he Pioneer PLX-500 Turntable is a three speed, high torque turntable with a USB output. The USB output can be used to record or rip your vinyl to computer audio files. The PLX-500 is aimed at both home listeners and DJs. Guess it's only DJs that would want to use it to mix and scratch your vinyl records !

Review - Pioneer SE-MHR5

Pioneer SE-MHR5

Pioneer Launch The SE-MHR5 Hi-Res Audio Headphones
T he Pioneer SE-MHR5 are an on-ear, closed back foldable dynamic stereo headphone with a very wide frequency response. The headphones feature large 40mm driver units that reproduce strong, natural and deep sound with excellent balance. The driver’s powerful magnets produce a wide response range from 7Hz to 50,000 Hz allowing you to listen to your music the way it was meant to be heard. The headphones come with two cable options; a balanced cable, which caters to a much greater sound separation between the left and right channels, and a standard cable for everyday use. Both cables are compatible are 1.2m long with a 3.5 stereo plug.

Review - Pioneer - XDP-100R

Pioneer - XDP-100R

Pioneer Launch The XDP-100R Portable Hi-Res Audio Player
T he Pioneer XDP-100R Portable Digital Audio Player, revealed at IFA 2015, the global trade show for consumer electronics, is the industry’s first portable player to offer MQA (Master Quality Authenticated) support. When Meridian unveiled MQA there were doubts about how far it would be taken up by the industry.

Review - Pioneer SE-MJ561BT - Headphones

Pioneer SE-MJ561BT - Headphones

Pioneer reveal the SE-MJ561BT - Bluetooth Headphones
T he new Pioneer SE-MJ561BT wireless Bluetooth stereo headphones will be available in January 2015. The Pioneer SE-MJ561BT headphones combine Bluetooth with NFC functionality and via the SE-MJ561BT, add both these communication methods to Pioneer’s MJ5 headphone series. The Pioneer SE-MJ561BT headphones also have a built in microphone offering easy hands-free calling.

Review - Pioneer X-PM32

Pioneer X-PM32

Pioneer launch the X-PM32 - Complete HiFi system
T he Circa 250 Euros Pioneer X-PM32 - Complete HiFi system is distinguished by offering high power i.e. 2 x 75 Watts from a micro system as well as offering Bluetooth connectivity. There’s also a passive radiator on the side of each of the two speakers to enhance the bass. The finish is a robust black design and sleek aluminium.

Review - Pioneer N-70A  - Streamer

Pioneer N-70A - Streamer

Pioneer launch the Pioneer N-70A - Streamer
P ioneer launch the Pioneer N-70A - Dedicated streamer or network audio player (pictured) together with its smaller brother the Pioneer N-50A.

Review - Pioneer X-EM22 - Complete hifi system

Pioneer X-EM22 - Complete hifi system

Pioneer reveal the Pioneer X-EM22 - Complete hifi system
T he Pioneer X-EM22 is a complete CD based micro hifi system. There’s a CD player , Bluetooth receiver and FM Radio. A USB stick can be plugged into the Pioneer X-EM22 for MP3 and WMA playback.

Review - Pioneer P2DAB - Complete hifi system

Pioneer P2DAB - Complete hifi system

Pioneer reveal the Pioneer P2DAB - Compact Complete HiFi system and the Pioneer N-P01 - Network Audio Player
T he Pioneer P2DAB is a compact component streaming hi-fi system consisting of the following three hifi components :-

Review - Pioneer U-05 DAC

Pioneer U-05 DAC

Pioneer U-05 - USB DAC , digital pre amp and Headphone amp - more info
T he Pioneer U-05 USB DAC headphone and pre amp, which weighs a hefty 6.3 kilograms and is built in solid aluminium, is a no-compromise USB-DAC that is able to play regular PCM signals with a resolution up to 32 bits/384 kHz. It also handles 2.8 MHz (DSD64) and 5.6 MHz (DSD128 or double DSD) DSD-files. The dual Sabre 8-channel DAC is configured for left/right parallel use, while a high precision master clock circuit makes sure jitter and noise have no chance to distort the signal.

Review - Pioneer U-05 DAC

Pioneer U-05 DAC

Pioneer reveal the U-05 - USB DAC , digital pre amp and Headphone amp
D etails are sketchy at the moment but it looks like the U.S. price will be $1000.

Review - Pioneer SE Headphone range (Dance)

Pioneer SE Headphone range (Dance)

Pioneer launch four new headphones
P ioneer have launched two over-ear headphones and two in-ear headphones. The two over ear models are the Pioneer SE-MX9 and Pioneer SEMX7 headphones, the two in ear models are the Pioneer SE-CX9 and Pioneer SE-CX8.

Review - Pioneer SE Range of Headphones

Pioneer SE Range of Headphones

Pioneer expands headphones line-up with the SE-CL751 & SE-MJ751
P ioneer has added two new models the SE-CL751 inner-ear headphone (first three pictures) and the SE-MJ741 headband model (last two pictures) to its BASS HEAD headphones line-up. These are characterised by crystal clear highs, and deep, powerful lows. The new headphones bring fashionable music lovers closer to their music and the club scene with an energetic listening experience. The new Pioneer SE-CL751 inner-ear headphone and Pioneer SE-MJ741 headband model make use of the technology and know-how Pioneer has cultivated through producing DJ headphones to faithfully reproduce the deep bass of club sound.

Review - Pioneer X-SMC01BT & X-HM21BT

Pioneer X-SMC01BT & X-HM21BT

Pioneer launch the X-SMC01BT and X-HM21BT – Bluetooth streaming wireless micro hi-fi systems
P ioneer expands its micro systems line-up ( March 2014) with the launch of the Pioneer X-SMC01BT (left) and Pioneer X-HM21BT (right) that provide access to the latest devices and sources. With the addition of built-in Bluetooth connectivity, users can wirelessly stream audio to the micro systems from almost any smartphone, tablet, or PC. At the same time, Pioneer also releases a “Pioneer BT Streaming” Android application which makes it easier than ever to pair a mobile device to Pioneer Bluetooth products and allows users to tune their music to their taste.


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