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Review - Arcam rPhono

Arcam rPhono

Arcam launch the rPhono - MM and MC Phono Stage
T he Arcam rPhono, at £395 is the latest addition to the Arcam rSeries and is both an MM and MC Phono Stage. There are separate RCA inputs at the back for Moving Magnet and Moving Coil cartridges and both of these inputs can be customised to work best with your cartridge. MC cartridges can be precision impedance matching to the rPhono using high-quality trimmers instead of discrete steps. MM cartridges can be matched to a wide variety of rPhono capacitance options. The rPhono also has a rumble filter to filter out rumble from off centre vinyl pressings or warped records.

Review - McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

Turn vinyl into Hi-Res digital audio files with McIntosh this Christmas
M cIntosh’s new MP100, the first dedicated phono preamplifier from the legendary US brand and one featuring USB outputs for high-quality (24-bit) ‘rips’ from vinyl collections, has landed in the UK with McIntosh UK distributor Jordan Acoustics, just in time for Christmas 2016 (£2,750)

Review - McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh Launch The MP1100 - Phono Preamplifier
T he McIntosh MP1100 Phono Preamplifier at £9,995 (available January 2017) is a valve based phono stage that also has an analogue to digital converter capable of 24-bit digital outputs to enable recording onto a computer from vinyl sources. The MP100 uses four 12AX7A vacuum tubes, with two tubes per channel in a fully balanced configuration, making the MP100 McIntosh’s first ever fully balanced vacuum tube phono stage.

Review - ifi Audio iPhono 2

ifi Audio iPhono 2

iFi Audio launch The iPhono 2 - MM and MC Phono Stage
T he iFi Audio iPhono 2 is a phono stage that can amplify both MM and MC cartridge output up to RCA line stage. The iPhono 2 is an upgraded version of the original iPhono. The new iPhono 2 has a new circuit that significantly reduces the loading seen by the main amplification circuit. This improves the circuit inherent linearity while allowing it to drive even punishing 600 ohm studio inputs. The power supply filtering has been increased 5X in value. The iPhono2’s signal to noise ratio has also been improved.

Review - McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh Reveal The MP100 - Phono Stage
T he McIntosh MP100 is a Phono Preamp and will retail at around $2,000 in the US in August 2016 – UK availability and price will follow. The MP100 is the first dedicated phono preamplifier from McIntosh and is designed to help both new and experienced vinyl lovers get the most fidelity, performance and – most importantly – enjoyment from their albums. Like all McIntosh products, the MP100 is packed with features designed specifically for the vinyl lover including: Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) inputs; Moving Coil and Moving Magnet adjustable loading (6 settings each); balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs; optical, coax and USB digital outputs; and a Mono switch for when playing mono records to decrease noise and play the signal correctly. There are many ways to integrate the MP100 into an audio system. If someone is just building their system, it can become the main part of the setup. For someone who already has a system with an older but working preamp, the MP100 is an excellent way to add modern phono features. For home theatre systems where a turntable is desired, the MP100 is an easy way to add full phono preamp capabilities without having to get a full-sized stereo preamp that would undoubtedly duplicate many of the home theatre processor’s features. When used with a properly configured conversion program, the MP100 can “rip” the records to a computer via USB to produce high quality digital files. The digital outputs are fixed at 24-bit/96kHz to capture the full dynamic range of a record while optimizing digital file size. If an album has a very loud section, the digital output clipping protection prevents harsh sounding and speaker damaging distortion from being recorded to the file. Compact in size at just 3” tall, it shares the same 11.5” narrow chassis design as the MXA70 Integrated Audio System, MHA100 Headphone Amp and MB50 Streaming Audio Player to help build a cohesive system. It can also easily be added to a system comprised of standard, wider width chassis.

Review - Graham Slee Accession - Phono Preamp

Graham Slee Accession - Phono Preamp

Graham Slee Launch The Accession - Phono Preamp
T he £800 Graham Slee Accession Phono Preamp is a true phono preamp as it has a volume control and can be plugged directly into a power amp. The Accession can also function as a fixed output phono stage into a preamp or integrated amp. The Accession is designed for MM or high output MC cartridges. For low output MC cartridges Graham Slee have a step up transformer for the Accession the Elevator EXP Step-Up.

Review - Cyrus Phono Signature

Cyrus Phono Signature

Cyrus Launch The Phono Signature - Phono Stage
T he Cyrus Phono Signature, at £1,200 is a phono preamp with four unique phono inputs to accommodate multiple decks and tone arms all feeding into one HiFi system. Additionally the Phono Signature can be controlled by a remote and is upgradable via the addition of a PSX-R₂ power supply. Outputs from the Cyrus Phono Signature are both RCA and XLR Balanced.

Review - Roksan Caspian Phono Electronics

Roksan Caspian Phono Electronics

Roksan Launch The Caspian Phono Electronics Range
R oksan have upgraded and overhauled their existing Caspian phono electronics range with four brand new products. The upgrades have resulted in the RPP phono stage, the RPM turntable speed control (pictured) and two ‘Vinyl System Control’ solutions – the VSC and VSC S2. For those wondering what a Vinyl System Control is – the VSC s are both a phono stage and speed control in one box – more on the VSC s later:-

Review - Rega IOS Phono Stage

Rega IOS Phono Stage

Rega launch the Ios Phono Stage or Phono Preamp
T he £4,000 Rega Ios ( not sure whether Apple would approve that name !) is a moving coil cartridge phono stage or phono preamp at the very top of the Rega range. A perfect match for the Rega Apheta MC cartridge , Rega’s Ios is a reference style product matching Rega’s Isis CD player and Osiris integrated amp.

Review - NAD PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp

NAD PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp

NAD Electronics launch the PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp
T he new £169 NAD electronics PP 4 Digital Phono Preamp can be used in a variety of ways with both MM (moving magnet) and low noise MC (moving coil) catering then for a wide variety of phono cartridges. There is also an analogue line level in for say a tuner or tape deck.

Review - Musical Fidelity M1 LPS Phono Stage

Musical Fidelity M1 LPS Phono Stage

Musical Fidelity Reveal the M1 LPS Phono Stage
T he Musical Fidelity M1 LPS - MM/MC phono stage the M1 LPS is a more affordable M1 series phono stage sitting below the M1 Vinyl but above its ‘baby brother’ the V90 series version.

Review - iFi iPhono

iFi iPhono

iFi Audio launch the iFi iPhono - Phono stage or Phono preamp
T he £350 iFi Audio iPhono is a tiny MM and MC Phonostage or Phono preamp.In the compact package of the iFi Audio iPhono there’s :-

Review - Rega Aria

Rega Aria

Rega Aria Phono Stage Orders Now Being Taken at Audio T
T he Rega Aria is a moving magnet and moving coil phono stage.

Review - Audio Research - Reference Phono 2 SE Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier

Audio Research - Reference Phono 2 SE Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier

New Phono Stage From audio Research the Reference Phono 2 SE Vacuum Tube Phono Preamplifier
A udio Research continues the tradition of advancing state of the art in music reproduction with the introduction of the Reference Phono 2 SE preamplifier. Using component technologies derived directly from the acclaimed Reference Anniversary preamplifier, the Reference Phono 2 SE provides substantial sonic enhancements beyond its predecessor and brings the listener closer to the music than ever.


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