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Review - Paradigm Persona Range

Paradigm Persona Range

Paradigm Launch The Persona Speaker Range
T he Paradigm Persona speaker range consists of four floor standers, the Persona 9H, Persona 7F, Persona 5F, and Persona 3F. There’s one stand mounted speaker the Persona B, a centre channel speaker the Persona C and a sub-woofer the Persona SUB.

Review - Garden Oasis Landscape Speakers

Garden Oasis Landscape Speakers

Hyacinth Fidelity! - Paradigm introduces the Garden Oasis Landscape Loudspeaker System
P aradigm’s Garden Oasis is a scalable system offering award winning Paradigm performance. The range includes the GO4 (4-inch satellite speakers), GO6 (6-inch satellite speakers) 10SW (10-inch subwoofer) and 12SW (12-inch subwoofer)!

Review - Paradigm Premium Wireless Series

Paradigm Premium Wireless Series

Paradigm announces its new Premium Wireless Speakers
P aradigm has recently announced the Premium Wireless Series, which will be available towards the end of 2015. What will this new Wireless Series include you ask? The Premium Wireless Series includes:

Review - Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige Speakers - More Video Info From Paradigm
T he Paradigm Prestige speaker range and particularly the floor standers the (£5,000) 95F and (£4,000) 85F feature in a YouTube video from Paradigm themselves. Paradigm explain how the drivers use perforated phase alignment to ensure that in-phase sound isn't degraded by out of phase reflections when it arrives at the listener. Also there's how the midnight cherry finish actually starts out looking black in low early morning light then progressing through a range of colours as the day goes on.

Review - Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige Speaker range will be available in the UK
T he U.K. prices for the Paradigm Prestige speaker range have been announced. There are three floor standing speakers in the range :-

Review - Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige Series

Paradigm Prestige and Millenia speaker series - More Info
P aradigm recently announced the Prestige Speaker Range and new Millenia models the Millenia LP 2 and Millenia LP XL speakers. There’s more info from CEPro and a video to watch in the link below.

Review - Paradigm Soundscape

Paradigm Soundscape

Paradigm launch the Paradigm Soundscape Soundbar
T he £1295 Paradigm Soundscape is a 5.1 Powered Soundbar. 7 high-performance drivers deliver an engaging surround-sound experience. The peak power is 50 watts per channel. Inputs are both Digital optical & analog stereo inputs for direct hook-up of Blu-ray, DVD/CD player, gaming console, satellite receiver or other external source. The amplifier design is DSP based.

Review - Paradigm Studio 10

Paradigm Studio 10

Paradigm launch the Paradigm Studio 10 - Bookshelf speakers
T he £900 Paradigm Studio 10 Loudspeakers are a two way front ported bookshelf speaker that use the following technologies to make them special :-

Review - Paradigm Millenia CT 2

Paradigm Millenia CT 2

Paradigm speakers announce the Paradigm Millenia CT 2 - 2.1 speaker system
T he Paradigm speakers Millenia CT 2 is an upgrade to the (£600) Paradigm Millenia CT 2.1 speaker system. The system consists of a left and right speaker , a sub woofer , a control box and a remote.

Review - Paradigm Soundtrack 2

Paradigm Soundtrack 2

Paradigm speakers launch the Soundtrack 2 System
T he £699 Paradigm Soundtrack 2 System is a powered soundbar and Wireless subwoofer. The wireless subwoofer offers convenient & flexible placement options: tuck it into a corner, a cabinet or under a couch. The Paradigm Soundtrack 2 System then offers 2.1 channels of sound for a room-filling sound experience.


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