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Review - Nutz Swagga Studio

Nutz Swagga Studio

Nutz launch the Swagga Studio headphones
N utz have already launched the Swagga In-Ear headphones. The Swagga Studio headphones are a larger over-ear model at £149. Nutz have designed the Nutz Swagga Studio to not emphasise any particular part of the sound frequency range ( unlike some !).

Review - Nutz Swagga

Nutz Swagga

Nutz launch the Nutz Swagga - In-ear headphones
T he £49.99 Nutz Swagga Studio Earphones or In-ear headphones offer great sound in this sub £50 price range. The Nutz Swagga Studio Earphones feature sound hole valves and professionally tuned drivers to allow for crystal clear reproduction of your music,4 colour coded memory foam washable eartips,flat colour coded cables,high performance microphone,music shuffler,carry case and airline jack all help to make Swagga Studio a BEST BUY under the £50.00 price bracket. Will you swagger with SWAGGA ?!


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