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Review - Neat iota Xplorer

Neat iota Xplorer

Neat launch the iota Xplorer speaker
T he Neat iota Xplorer speaker at £3,500 is a larger and more expensive version of the Neat iota Alpha speaker. Like the iota Alpha both drive units fire upwards.

Review - Neat Iota Alpha

Neat Iota Alpha

Neat Launch The Iota Alpha Speaker
T he unnamed “big Ota” speaker from Neat, seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016, has now been officially launched as the Neat Iota Alpha floor standing speaker which will retail at £1,385. The picture can't real show just how small the Iota Alpha is at just 45 centimetres tall. The top section of the sealed cabinet is the same width as the Iota, and has the Iota drivers firing up at a 45 degree angle. The Iota Alpha also includes a downward firing bass unit, in the floor of the cabinet, to give the Iota Alpha extra bass extension compared to the Neat Iota.

Review - Neat Momentum SX7

Neat Momentum SX7

Neat launch the Momentum SX7 speaker at the top of the Neat Momentum Speaker Range
T he Neat Momentum SX Range currently consists of the Neat Momentum SX3 and SX5 speakers. Neat have added a top of the rage floorstander the Neat Momentum SX7 to the Momentum SX range.

Review - Neat Momentum SX Range

Neat Momentum SX Range

Neat upgrade the Momentum range with a new tweeter and crossover
N eat's newly-developed SXT-A1 is an anodised aluminium domed tweeter and has been used to extensively upgraded the (now re-named) Neat Momentum SX3 and Momentum SX5 speakers.

Review - Neat Motive SX2

Neat Motive SX2

Neat launch the Motive SX2 speakers
T he Neat Motive SX2 is a 2 way floor standing speaker. At only 76cm high, the Neat Motive SX2 is an exceptionally compact floorstander for those who want all the musical performance of a Neat floorstander, without taking over the living room.

Review - Neat Motive SX Range

Neat Motive SX Range

Neat Launch the Motive SX range
L aunched at the Munich High End show 2013 the Neat Motive SX range comprises three models ( shown in the picture ):-


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