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Review - Nakamichi Dragon Lily

Nakamichi Dragon Lily

Nakamichi launch the Nakamichi Dragon Lily - Wireless bluetooth speaker
T he S.R.P. £239 Nakamichi Dragon Lily offers both Wi-Fi, Bluetooth and NFC Audio playback. It is a 2.1 speaker with the Sub-Woofer built in to the aluminium housing.

Review - Nakamichi NBS 10

Nakamichi NBS 10

Nakamichi launch the Nakamichi NBS 10 - Bluetooth speaker
L ooking something like a Jedi training aid , the £59.99 Nakamichi NBS 10 is a spherical portable and colourful Bluetooth speaker.
The Nakamichi NBS 10 Bluetooth Stereo Speakers have been innovatively designed in Japan to offer portability and sound quality that is unheard of by speakers of this size. Use them in your car, on the go, or at home for a sound that projects excellently around the room.

Review - Nakamichi NK2030 over-ear headphones

Nakamichi NK2030 over-ear headphones

Nakamichi launch the NK2030 over-ear retro headphones
N akamichi have been around a while as I remember once owning a very good entry level cassette deck of theirs. Appropriately then these NK2030 over-ear headphones are in their retro.stereo range. They also offer passive noise-cancelling - A much more modern idea.


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