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Review - NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020

NAD launches the V2 version of the D 3020 - Integrated amp
N AD has launched a version 2 of the D 3020 integrated amp, which will be cheaper than the original and offer better functionality and sound quality. What not to love! …

Review - NAD C 558

NAD C 558

NAD launch the C 558 turntable
A s vinyl goes from strength to strength, NAD has unveiled a brand new belt-drive design featuring chunky anti-resonance MDF plinth, heavyweight glass platter and Ortofon OM10 cartridge as standard. Available November 2016 priced at £449.

Review - NAD C 268

NAD C 268

NAD launch the C 268 Power Amp
T he NAD C 268 power amp is conservatively rated at 80Wx2 or 300Wx1 bridged mono with 500W peak capability. The C 268 is NAD’s latest affordable power amplifier. Balanced and RCA inputs, 12v triggers, variable input level control and current sensing auto turn-on highlight the features list. There is also line-outs for daisy chaining for bi-amped and tri-amplified systems.

Review - NAD C 328

NAD C 328

NAD launch the C 328 - Integrated amp
T he C 328 joins NAD’s latest integrated line up (C338, C368, C388) with analogue, digital and BT connectivity as well as a built in phono stage. Priced at £499, this integrated is the entry level model into NAD’s latest Hybrid Digital amplifier range. Available from November/December

Review - NAD M32


NAD Launch The M32 - Integrated Amp
T he NAD M32 is an integrated digital amp, USB DAC, phono stage, internet radio and headphone amp offering a powerful 150 watts into both 8 and 4 Ohms. The M32 uses NAD’s MDC modules, MDC stands for Modular Design Construction (MDC). The M32 can accommodate 4 of these modules, one is a pre-supplied SPDIF Module, and the other three can be used for upgrading the M32. The M32 can also be upgraded by firmware updates as all the controls are software driven. The SPDIF Module, offers AES/EBU, 2 x Coax and 2 x Optical, all 24 bit/192 kHz capable. Additionally, digital wise, there is a USB B port for connecting computers. Two sets of speaker terminals allow the M32 to be used to bi-wire speakers.

Review - NAD C 368

NAD C 368

NAD launch the C 368 integrated amp
T he NAD C 368 integrated amp offers 80 watts per channel. In addition the C 368 also has digital inputs, a Bluetooth receiver, a Moving Magnet Phono stage and a headphone amp. If this isn't enough the C 368 can be upgraded via the addition of up to two MDC (Modular Design Construction) modules. The C 368 can be used as a preamp possessing a preamp out to a power amp or even to a sub-woofer.

Review - NAD M12


NAD Announce MQA Is Now Available on NAD BluOS-enabled Systems
T he following NAD digital decoders will be capable of decoding Meridian's MQA computer audio format - NAD M12, M50, M32 and C 390DD, via a free firmware upgrade. MQA stands for Master Quality Authenticated and is a revolutionary end-to-end technology that delivers master quality audio in a fully-authenticated file that’s small enough to stream to any NAD BluOS-enabled music systems in your home.

Review - NAD Viso HP30

NAD Viso HP30

NAD Launch The Viso HP30 Headphones
T he NAD Viso HP30 are an On-Ear pair of headphones that have been priced at ($229 MSRP to give an idea of the UK price). The HP30s are designed for listening on the go so are foldable, lightweight and come with a carry case and aircraft stereo adapters. As with the HP50s the HP30s are available in Red, White or Black. Black is shipping now with White and Red finishes available next month in September 2015.

Review - NAD C556

NAD C556

NAD Launches The NAD C566 Turntable
N ot normally noted for turntables the NAD C556 comes in at £250 and is based on the Rega RP1 with some mods by NAD.

Review - NAD C 510 Digital preamp and USB DAC

NAD C 510 Digital preamp and USB DAC

Nad reveal the NAD C510 - Direct digital pre amp and USB DAC
T he £999 NAD C510 - Direct digital pre amp and USB DAC will be available in September 2014. It is the combination of a USB DAC, plus the other typical digital sources together with a digital preamp and volume control.

Review - NAD M50 Digital Music Player

NAD M50 Digital Music Player

Spotify is coming to NAD via the NAD M50 - Digital Music Player
S potify Connect offers 20 million songs and playlists, and growing and it’s coming to NAD owners. NAD Electronics has just added Spotify Connect to its Masters Series M50 Digital Music Player. NAD M50 owners will now have an enhanced multi-room wireless audio experience with instant access to Spotify Connect.

Review - NAD M12


NAD release more details on the NAD M12 USB DAC - Digital Preamp in the U.S.
N AD have released more details in the U.S about the NAD M12 Direct Digital Preamplifier – USB DAC, first seen at CES 2014, and three other new products in the NAD Masters series. All four will be available there in September. Watch this space for U.K. availability.

Review - NAD VISO 1 BT


NAD launch the VISO 1 BT - Wireless Bluetooth speaker
N AD Electronics have further expanded theirVISO product range with the £399.99 NAD VISO 1 BT. The NAD VISO 1 BT is an evolution of the NAD VISO 1 Wireless Digital Music System.

Review - NAD PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp

NAD PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp

NAD Electronics launch the PP 4 USB Digital Phono Preamp
T he new £169 NAD electronics PP 4 Digital Phono Preamp can be used in a variety of ways with both MM (moving magnet) and low noise MC (moving coil) catering then for a wide variety of phono cartridges. There is also an analogue line level in for say a tuner or tape deck.

Review - NAD M12


NAD Reveal the M12 DAC pre amp
T he NAD M12 Direct Digital Preamp/DAC is basically an update to the award winning M51. As with other NAD products it’s a modular design so a phono stage can optionally be added. It’s a fully balanced design supporting up to 24/192 playback via AES/EBU, Optical and Coaxial inputs, as well as USB. Outputs include both single ended RCAs and balanced XLRs. Note the colour touch screen though ! No accusations of basic build quality will be levelled at the M12 I feel.

Review - NAD DAC 2


NAD Launch the DAC 2 - wireless USB DAC
T he £299 two box NAD DAC 2 Wireless USB Digital-to-Analogue Converter is plugged into your computer, using a USB cable from computer into the smaller box. You can then take the analogue output from the larger box into your conventional Hifi System via two RCA cables. Point-to-point wireless technology between the small and large box means you can just plug in the small box next to your computer , locate the larger box in your hifi rack, some distance away, and the two-piece DAC 2 then allows you to start enjoying computer audio, including 24/96 music files without compression, with the least amount of fuss.

Review - NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020

NAD launch the D 3020 digital integrated amp
T he £400 NAD D 3020 digital integrated amp is the original classic NAD 3020 30 watts per channel integrated amp brought right up to date with a headphone amp , digital streaming an asynchronous / USB DAC and Bluetooth streaming via aptX. There’s even a subwoofer out ( don’t remember subwoofers when the original NAD 3020 ruled ).

Review - NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones

NAD Electronics VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones

NAD launch the NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones
T he £300 NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear or Sealed Headphones are made specifically for digital natives who understand the difference that clean, crisp sound makes to music lovers. The NAD VISO HP50 Over-Ear Headphones are not a lifestyle product but instead are a hifi enthusiast's product.

Review - NAD D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier

NAD D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier

NAD launch the D 7050 direct digital network amp - USB DAC - Headphone amp
T he £799 NAD D 7050 Direct Digital Network Amplifier / USB DAC is stylish and compact and combines NAD’s Direct Digital technology, with Apple AirPlay and Wi-Fi streaming, to create the ultimate plug ‘n play solution for wireless music.

Review - NAD VISO HP20 High Resolution In-Ear Headphones

NAD VISO HP20 High Resolution In-Ear Headphones

NAD launch the NAD VISO HP20 High Resolution In-Ear Headphones
N AD has taken a fresh look at in-ear headphone design to produce a product that replicates a more life-like listening experience. The NAD VISO HP20 In-Ear Headphones have been designed to bring the warm, open sound of live performances directly to a your personal headphone experience. They are made specifically for digital natives who understand the difference that clean, crisp sound makes to music lovers. The VISIO HP20s incorporate NAD’s RoomFeel™ technology and feature an inline Apple remote, so you can take full control of your music with a simple touch, or talk hands-free with the high-quality microphone built for voice-calling and device control with Siri-compatible devices.

Review - NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020 now available from Sevenoaks
M ention the two words NAD and 3020 and hi-fi enthusiasts of a certain age will have a reminiss about their first system using this legendary integrated amp.

Review - M51 DAC


NAD M51 DAC Now available at Sevenoaks
T he NAD M51 DAC is currently What Hi-Fi s best DAC under £1500 , but where do you audition / buy it.


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