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Review - Moon Neo ACE

Moon Neo ACE

Simaudio Launch The Moon Neo ACE - Streamer and Integrated Amp
T he Simaudio Moon Neo ACE, at £2,800 is a one box streamer, integrated Amp, USB DAC and headphone amp. You don't tend to think of Moon By Simaudio when it comes to streaming, however Chord cables were using an £800 Moon streamer at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016, as part of their digital front end of Melco server, 180 MiND Music Streamer and Chord electronics DAVE DAC, to demo their new cable range to the HiFi press. All the members of the press who had reviewed the streamer felt it was underrated and very good value for money. So in the Neo ACE you have Moon streaming combined with the well-respected Moon DAC / integrated amp capabilities.

Review - Moon 330A

Moon 330A

Simaudio Launch The Moon 330A Stereo Power Amp
T he Moon Neo 330A at £2,850 is a stereo power amp that offers 125 watts per channel into an 8 Ohm speaker and can double that with 250 Watts into 4 Ohms. Two 330A can be bridged together in bridged mono mode for even more power.


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