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Review - Mission LX-2

Mission LX-2

Mission Launch The LX-2 Speakers
T he Mission LX-2 Speaker at £200 per pair is a two way standmounted or even bookshelf speaker. The LX-2 employs Mission's trademark tweeter below mid/bass driver configuration and is the first model in the new mission LX Range. The Mission LX range is a major relaunch for both Mission and the Mission brand following Mission's acquisition by IAG. At £200 you get a lot of speaker for your money and as Mission puts it - the LX-2 passes the Hi-Fi Plus test. Basically the printed Hi-Fi plus magazine is the least wide of the HiFi magazines but it will sit completely on top of the LX-2.

Review - Mission LX-3

Mission LX-3

Mission Launch The LX-3 Speakers
T he Mission LX-3 speakers at £400 are the second pair of speakers in Mission's LX speaker range and are a 3 drive unit, ported, floor stander first seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016. The LX-3 is a two way speaker as both mid/bass drivers complement each other. In characteristic Mission fashion the tweeter is below the first mid/bass unit in the LX-3s.

Review - Mission M3 speaker system

Mission M3 speaker system

Mission launch the M3 Speaker system
T he Mission M3 or M cubed that’s the mathematical M to the power of 3 is a 5 speaker one sub system at £700.

Review - Mission Aero - Wireless speaker

Mission Aero - Wireless speaker

Mission launch the Mission Aero - Wireless Bluetooth and Airplay speaker
T he £499.95 Mission Aero is a wireless speaker that offers both Bluetooth and Airplay.It is made up of a 6 B.M.R ( Balanced mode radiator ) speakers and one sub-woofer. Internal amplification ( 20 Watts per B.M.R. speaker ) and D.S.P complete the package. Additionally the Mission Aero can play files from a USB stick up to 24 bit / 192 kHz


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