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Review - Micromega Mysystem

Micromega Mysystem

Micromega launch MySystem - A complete amp speaker package
T he 899 Euro - Micromega MySystem is a complete package of integrated amp , speaker cables and book shelf speakers. You even get a Micromega USB cable and optical cable included. The constituent parts of the Micromega MySystem are :-

Review - Micromega MyAmp

Micromega MyAmp

Micromega launch the Micromega MyAmp - Desktop integrated amp , Bluetooth receiver , USB DAC and Headphone amp
T he £479 Micromega MyAmp first seen at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2014 is a 2 channel 30 Watts per channel ( into 8 Ohms) class AB integrated amp in the Micromega My Range. As well as acting as an integrated amp the Micromega MyAmp also offers :-

Review - Micromega MyZic

Micromega MyZic

Micromega launch the Myzic Headphone Amp
F ollowing the successful launch of Micromega's My series with the MyDAC, the second product in the Micromega My series is launched the MyZic headphone amp.


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