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Review - McIntosh MT2

McIntosh MT2

New York’s McIntosh launches the MT2 its most affordable turntable to date
B ig Mac for less whack: McIntosh’s MT2 offers unbox-and-go simplicity from the global hi-fi leader for £4,995 (Lot of Big Macs !). McIntosh has announced a new turntable that brings the famous McIntosh sound and build quality to a new low price point (£4,995). McIntosh’s new MT2 Precision Turntable is its most affordable turntable ever produced. It combines the latest turntable technology with the New York giant’s legendary aesthetic, design and build quality.

Review - McIntosh MCT500

McIntosh MCT500

McIntosh announces MCT500 SACD/CD transport with USB input
M cIntosh has announced the new MCT500 SACD/CD Transport (£5,995). The new transport has been designed to replay SACD/CD discs, plus a wide range of audio formats stored on USB flash drives and user-generated CD and DVD Data discs. All common disc types can be played on the MCT500, including SACD, CD, CD-R/RW and DVD-R. In addition, popular file formats such as AAC, AIFF, ALAC, DSD (up to DSD128), FLAC, MP3, WMA and WAV (up to 24-bit/192kHz) WMA can be played from discs and USB drives.

Review - McIntosh MC611

McIntosh MC611

McIntosh announces new tech-rich 600-watt monoblock power amp
M cIntosh has launched the new MC611 Quad Balanced Power Amplifier (£19,995 per pair). The new high-power monoblock amp offers a number of key updates and improvements over its predecessor, the MC601. Primary among them is a doubling of filter capacity resulting in a dramatic 55% increase in dynamic headroom (from 1.8dB to 2.8dB) helping to improve the bass frequency performance.

Review - McIntosh XRT2.1K

McIntosh XRT2.1K

McIntosh announces Nanocarbon-driver tech loudspeaker, the £137,500 XRT2.1K
M cIntosh has announced the XRT2.1K, a speaker 45 years in the making. The new XRT2.1K at £137,500 is a seven-foot-tall full-range design 81-driver, 7-foot which uses brand new Nanocarbon Fibre/Nomex Honeycomb drive units which have been specifically created for this speaker.

Review - McIntosh MC1.25KW

McIntosh MC1.25KW

McIntosh launch the MC1.25KW - their most powerful monobloc power amps
M cIntosh launches its most powerful single-chassis monoblock power amps offering 1,200 watts, weighing in at 71kg, and costing £29,995 per pair. The new MC1.25KW is one of McIntosh’s most advanced amplifiers to date as a Quad Balanced Power Amplifier.

Review - McIntosh MA5300

McIntosh MA5300

McIntosh launch the MA5300 Integrated Amp and DAC
T he McIntosh MA5300 integrated amplifier, their smallest and most powerful solid-state integrated amplifier, will retail at £6,750. The MA5300 integrated amp offers 100 Watts per channel, plus a USB DAC, phono stage and a headphone amp.

Review - McIntosh MHA50

McIntosh MHA50

McIntosh sound quality on the move with the new MHA50 Portable DAC + Headphone Amp
M cIntosh have entered the world of the Chord Mojo and Oppo HA-2 SE with their very first portable DAC headphone amp the MHA50 which offers both wired and wireless connectivity to devices via aptX Bluetooth 4.1. Inevitably it is more expensive at £895.

Review - McIntosh MA7200 and MAC7200

McIntosh MA7200 and MAC7200

McIntosh next-gen amplifier is turntable and digital ready with an upgradable modular DAC
T he new MA7200 forms part of a new line of updated amps and contains a high-quality phono stage for turntables, plus an upgradable multi-input DAC with USB; MAC7200 receiver adds an AM/FM tuner.

Review - McIntosh MCT80

McIntosh MCT80

McIntosh’s MCT80 SACD/CD transport brings disc playback to its compact lifestyle components
T he new McIntosh MCT80 a CD and SACD transport introduces SACD/CD playback to McIntosh’s bijou MXA80 system and joins streaming, vinyl and headphone amp add-ons, to deliver the full McIntosh experience from a compact system. Price is £4,495.

Review - McIntosh MA9000

McIntosh MA9000

McIntosh launches its biggest ever integrated amplifier - the 300-watt MA9000
M cIntosh has launched the MA9000 integrated amplifier, its biggest ever integrated amplifier, in both size and power. Offering a gigantic range of inputs, including five digital connections for media devices, plus phono inputs for turntables, the powerhouse amplifier has been designed to last a lifetime.

Review - McIntosh MXA80

McIntosh MXA80

McIntosh reveal the MXA80 System
T he MXA80 Integrated Audio System is the next generation of the acclaimed MXA70. It maintains the same compact footprint and full functionality while adding support for DSD and DXD digital music files thanks to a new digital to analogue converter (DAC).

Review - McIntosh MCD350 CD/SACD Player

McIntosh MCD350 CD/SACD Player

McIntosh launch the MCD350 CD and SACD Player
T he McIntosh MCD350 SACD/CD Player delivers a pure playback experience from SACDs and CDs. It features a balanced 2-channel, 32-bit/192kHz DAC. Fixed output (no volume control) RCA and balanced stereo outputs are present along with coax and optical digital outputs. There are no digital inputs. All analogue outputs plus the digital coax outputs are gold plated for superior corrosion resistance. The MCD350 features 2x read speed so that all discs placed in its rigid aluminium die-cast tray are read at higher speeds, allowing their data to be stored in a buffer memory for a better error correction and tracking. A twin laser optical pickup uses a single objective lens with two laser units each employing different wavelengths that are optimized for SACD and CD playback. The classic McIntosh black glass front panel with an illuminated logo and aluminium end caps complete the unit.

Review - McIntosh MA8900

McIntosh MA8900

McIntosh launch the MA8900 - Integrated amp
T he McIntosh MA8900 is the first of a McIntosh next generation line of integrated amplifiers. The MA8900 Integrated Amplifier offers 200 Watts per channel, includes digital inputs, an MM and MC phono stage and a headphone amp.

Review - McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

The McIntosh MB50 streamer is now available in the UK
T he McIntosh MB50 streamer, which was first seen at CES 2016, is now available in the UK through Jordan Acoustics priced at £2,750. The MB50 offers high-resolution wireless music streaming using DTS Play-Fi® technology to a range of connected devices in the home. The MB50 has a compact form factor with a natural partner of McIntosh’s own MXA70 integrated audio system and the MHA150 headphone amp.

Review - McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

Turn vinyl into Hi-Res digital audio files with McIntosh this Christmas
M cIntosh’s new MP100, the first dedicated phono preamplifier from the legendary US brand and one featuring USB outputs for high-quality (24-bit) ‘rips’ from vinyl collections, has landed in the UK with McIntosh UK distributor Jordan Acoustics, just in time for Christmas 2016 (£2,750)

Review - McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh MP1100

McIntosh Launch The MP1100 - Phono Preamplifier
T he McIntosh MP1100 Phono Preamplifier at £9,995 (available January 2017) is a valve based phono stage that also has an analogue to digital converter capable of 24-bit digital outputs to enable recording onto a computer from vinyl sources. The MP100 uses four 12AX7A vacuum tubes, with two tubes per channel in a fully balanced configuration, making the MP100 McIntosh’s first ever fully balanced vacuum tube phono stage.

Review - McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier

McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier

McIntosh Launch The D1100 Digital Preamplifier
T he McIntosh D1100 Digital Preamplifier at £8,995 (available December 2016 in the US) is a reference level digital preamplifier and has a DAC section which is McIntosh’s most advanced DAC to date, offering no fewer than 9 digital inputs !

Review - McIntosh MHA150

McIntosh MHA150

McIntosh Launch The MHA150 Headphone Amp
T he new McIntosh MHA150 Headphone amp at £5,500 is billed as a headphone amp but is much more and can function as a USB DAC and a 50 watt per channel integrated amp as well as a headphone amp. The MHA 150 contains the company’s new second-generation digital to analogue converter (DAC) , capable of Hi-Res Audio replay, and also enabling a range of devices, including smartphones, tablets and computers, to connect digitally and deliver the legendary McIntosh sound quality to headphones and speakers. The amp contains three digital inputs, including USB, plus connections for two analogue devices.

Review - McIntosh C2600 - Preamp

McIntosh C2600 - Preamp

McIntosh Reveal The C2600 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier With USB DAC
T he McIntosh C2600 Vacuum Tube Preamplifier will retail at around $7,000 in the US in August 2016 – UK availability and price will follow. The C2600 is an analogue vacuum tube preamp, headphone amp, with digital inputs and an internal DAC. The C2600 builds upon the C2300 and C2500 – two of the most successful McIntosh vacuum tube preamplifiers. The C2600 which incorporates the best of the previous models while adding our advanced digital audio section and upgraded tube circuitry design. The C2600 is a versatile preamplifier with an expansive set of 16 inputs to connect virtually all analogue or digital music sources. Analog inputs include 3 balanced, 4 unbalanced plus 1 each dedicated Moving Magnet and Moving Coil phono inputs. Digital inputs consist of 3 optical, 2 coax, 1 USB and 1 McIntosh exclusive MCT connection. Three sets of balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs connect the C2600 to the rest of the system. The C2600 features a 32-bit/384kHz, DSD digital-to-analogue-converter (DAC) and is capable of decoding and playing DSD64, DSD128 and DSD256 plus DXD 352.8 kHz and DXD 384 kHz. For headphone listening, the addition of Headphone Cross feed Director (HXD®) brings an added dimension to the music. Home Theatre Pass Thru allows for seamless integration into a multi-channel home theatre system.

Review - McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh MP100 - Phono Preamp

McIntosh Reveal The MP100 - Phono Stage
T he McIntosh MP100 is a Phono Preamp and will retail at around $2,000 in the US in August 2016 – UK availability and price will follow. The MP100 is the first dedicated phono preamplifier from McIntosh and is designed to help both new and experienced vinyl lovers get the most fidelity, performance and – most importantly – enjoyment from their albums. Like all McIntosh products, the MP100 is packed with features designed specifically for the vinyl lover including: Moving Coil (MC) and Moving Magnet (MM) inputs; Moving Coil and Moving Magnet adjustable loading (6 settings each); balanced and unbalanced analogue outputs; optical, coax and USB digital outputs; and a Mono switch for when playing mono records to decrease noise and play the signal correctly. There are many ways to integrate the MP100 into an audio system. If someone is just building their system, it can become the main part of the setup. For someone who already has a system with an older but working preamp, the MP100 is an excellent way to add modern phono features. For home theatre systems where a turntable is desired, the MP100 is an easy way to add full phono preamp capabilities without having to get a full-sized stereo preamp that would undoubtedly duplicate many of the home theatre processor’s features. When used with a properly configured conversion program, the MP100 can “rip” the records to a computer via USB to produce high quality digital files. The digital outputs are fixed at 24-bit/96kHz to capture the full dynamic range of a record while optimizing digital file size. If an album has a very loud section, the digital output clipping protection prevents harsh sounding and speaker damaging distortion from being recorded to the file. Compact in size at just 3” tall, it shares the same 11.5” narrow chassis design as the MXA70 Integrated Audio System, MHA100 Headphone Amp and MB50 Streaming Audio Player to help build a cohesive system. It can also easily be added to a system comprised of standard, wider width chassis.

Review - McIntosh MVP901 - Blu-Ray and CD Player

McIntosh MVP901 - Blu-Ray and CD Player

McIntosh Reveal The MVP901 - Blu-Ray, CD And Network Audio Player
T he McIntosh MVP901 is a Blu-ray player with CD replay and streaming capabilities. and will retail at around $5,500 in the US in August 2016 – UK availability and price will follow.. Audio Video Player Blu-ray players are an integral part of any home theatre system and the McIntosh MVP901 is designed to provide years of home entertainment enjoyment. With its ability to upsample 1080P and lower resolutions to 4K Ultra HD, it can breathe new life into a vast movie library and is a perfect complement to the 4K compatible McIntosh MX122 or MX160 home theatre processor. Built in decoding of Dolby® True HD and DTS-HD Master Audio™ will put the viewer in the centre of the action. The MVP901 can also pass the latest object-based 3D audio formats such as Dolby Atmos, DTS:X™ and Auro-3D® to the compatible processor for truly encompassing surround sound. It fully supports 3D Blu-ray discs while state of the art processing power allows for ultra-fast playback start speeds. A variety of advanced adjustments can be made to colour, image detail and video performance to improve picture quality. Not limited to just movies, the MVP901 is also great for listening to music. CDs, SACDs and DVD-Audio discs can be enjoyed via an 8-channel, 32-bit/192kHz DAC that’s used in stereo quad balanced mode to produce high fidelity audio. The HDMI output can be used for multi-channel music playback. A triple laser optical pickup uses one objective lens for the different wavelengths and is optimized for various disc types. Three USB ports allow playback of audio and video files from flash drives. Network streaming and BD-Live is available through the Ethernet connection.


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