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Review - M2Tech Joplin

M2Tech Joplin

M2Tech launches Joplin an Analogue to Digital Converter or ADC
M 2Tech’s Joplin ( Euros 2,150 ) is an Analogue to Digital Converter or ADC , ideally suited to creating Hi-Res Audio recordings of vinyl records using a turntable. These Hi-Res Audio recordings can be made all the way up to a 32bit / 384 kHz sampling rate. Single ended RCA analogue inputs allow connection of the turntable and the digital output can be taken to a computer or even a DAC via AES/EBU , Coax , optical or USB output. There is even the possibility of digital inputs into the Joplin’s internal digital converter.

Review - M2Tech Vaughan

M2Tech Vaughan

M2Tech launch the M2Tech Vaughan – USB DAC Headphone and digital pre amp
T he £5845 M2Tech Vaughan – USB DAC Headphone and digital pre amp is M2Tech’s top of the range DAC. It can convert up to 384kHz/32bit from your PC or MAC, and from USB, I2S S/PDIF and AES/EBU. The M2Tech Vaughan features ultra low jitter oscillators and proprietary drivers and includes time shift driving of multiple DAC IC's for improved sound quality. The M2Tech Vaughan is battery powered via a rechargeable battery and comes with a remote control.

Review - M2Tech announces new USB DAC Drivers

M2Tech announces new USB DAC Drivers
M 2Tech has new USB drivers for the HiFace, HiFace Evo, Young and Vaughan USB DACs.

Review - M2Tech Marley Headphone amp

M2Tech Marley Headphone amp

M2Tech Launch the Marley Headphone amp
T he £1050 M2Tech Marley headphone amp can drive two pairs of headphones and function as a limited input pre-amp. The M2Tech Marley Headphone amp offers :-

Review - M2Tech Young DSD DAC

M2Tech Young DSD DAC

M2Tech Launch the Young DSD USB DAC and preamp
T he £1050 M2Tech Young DSD is an asynchronous USB DAC , digital preamp (achieved via a digitally controlled analogue volume control). The M2Tech Young DSD DAD offers a very high resolution digital-to-analogue converter with extremely high value-for-money, capable of handling PCM up to 384/32 and DSD up to x128. DSD x128 is also known as Double DSD or DSD 5.6 Mhz. The M2Tech Young DSD features a USB Audio Device Class 2 interface to transfer high resolution audio from every computer.

Review - Hi Face Pen DAC

Hi Face Pen DAC

M2 Tech launch Hi Face Pen DAC
H i Face started as a USB SPDIF converter but now similar to the Audioquest Dragonfly there's a hi FAce Pen DAC. Like M2 Tech's Young DAc this DAC can handlle resolutions of 24 bit 384khz.


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