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Review - Kudos Titan 808

Kudos Titan 808

Kudos Reveal The Titan 808 Speaker
T he Kudos Titan 808 speaker will be the successor to the Titan 88, Kudos’s current flagship speaker. The Titan 808 is a no compromise design employing world-class components, many of which needed to be custom-designed especially for the Titan 808. The Titan 808 retains the two isobaric bass drivers found in the T88. The mid-bass driver, tweeter and crossover unit have all been advanced and refined. The cabinet is completely new and features a very modernist and novel design.

Review - X3


Kudos Audio Launches The X3s
T he new Kudos X3 speaker uses the same high quality tweeter as the X2, but marries it with a new 18cm main driver. The driver’s cone is a blend of paper and reed devised to improve transparency. A copper-clad aluminium voice coil increases transients and dynamics, while a copper shorting ring reduces distortion. A cast chassis gives the main driver optimal stability.


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