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Review - Klipsch Forte III

Klipsch Forte III

Klipsch Forte III Speakers Now Available In The UK
T he £4,000 Klipsch new Forte III Heritage Line speaker is now available across the UK. The Forte III is a relatively compact yet hugely powerful three-way loudspeaker with a massive 15” passive radiator woofer for room-filling acoustics. The ultra-sensitive horn-loaded design begs to be partnered with an appropriate valve amplifier, and when you find the right match the audio performance is out of this world.

Review - Klipsch R6 i

Klipsch R6 i

Henley Audio Announce Uk Distribution Of Klipsch And Jamo
H enley audio have announced a new distribution agreement with KGE, which means they’re able to bring the globally iconic Klipsch and Jamo brands back to the UK.

Review - Klipsch + Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Klipsch + Pro-Ject Debut Carbon

Klipsch Launch The Klipsch + Pro-Ject Debut Carbon Turntable
T he Klipsch + Pro-Ject Debut Carbon turntable is a collaboration between Klipsch and Pro-Ject with a walnut veneer to match Klipsch Heritage series speakers - the turntable comes complete with a signature Paul W. Klipsch logo cork slipmat.

Review - Klipsch Turntables

Klipsch Turntables

Klipsch Launch Their First Turntables At CES 2016
T he picture isn't a photo shop funny or as Klipsch put it time to actually adjust your sets - it's the first turntable, from this famous speaker and headphone manufacturer, revealed at CES 2016. The turntable is available in the same walnut veneer as found in the Klipsch Heritage Series speakers as well as the Reference-style (pictured) copper and black look.

Review - Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Reveal New Heritage Speaker Finishes And New Heritage-inspired Speakers At CES 2016
K lipsch have revealed new Limited Edition 70th Anniversary Klipschorn & Heresy Speakers at CES 2016. They have also revealed a Wireless version of the Heresy III speaker called (not too surprisingly!) the Heresy III Wireless Speakers. There's also the Heritage-Inspired Powered Monitors for desktop use, the Heritage-Inspired Portable Music System & Multi Room System, Heritage-Inspired Table Top Speakers and last but not least a 3 box Heritage-Inspired 2.1 Desktop System (pictured).

Review - Klipsch R6m In-Ear Wireless

Klipsch R6m In-Ear Wireless

Klipsch Launch The R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones
T he Klipsch R6 In-Ear Bluetooth Headphones are a first for HiFi Enthusiast as we've never reported on a pair of headphones that are both In-Ear and Wireless via Bluetooth. Bluetooth headphones require Bluetooth reception circuitry, amplification circuitry and batteries within the headphones themselves. For an on-ear headphone all of the above can be housed in the ear cups, but where does it go for an in-ear model ? Well Klipsch have managed to house batteries and electronics in an armature that fits behind your ear. The wire that you see coming from the headphones is for the three button remote and clear voice microphone.

Review - Klipsch Groove

Klipsch Groove

Klipsch Launch The Groove - A Bluetooth Speaker
T he Klipsch Groove $149 in the U.S. is a portable, splash resistant three way battery powered Bluetooth speaker with an advanced DSP. The three driver units are a full range high excursion driver backed up by two side-firing passive bass radiators,

Review - Klipsch X20i - In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch X20i - In-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Launch The X20i - In-Ear Headphones
T he new top of the range Klipsch X20i In-Ear headphone is the most revealing in-ear headphone Klipsch has ever made. The sonic revelation offered by the X20is is by way of a true two-way dual armature design, two drivers per ear, the high-horsepower KG-926T woofer is mated to a high-resolution KG-125B super tweeter. This results in a palpable sound character and makes the X20i the broadest bandwidth in-ear headphone available from Klipsch.

Review - Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphones

Klipsch Launch The Reference On-Ear Headphones
K lipsch describe the £177 Klipsch Reference On-Ear Headphone as built with accurate sound quality and portability in mind. By way of accurate sound quality, Klipsch see the Reference On-Ear Headphone as neither adding anything (so the bass is accurate and level !) and not hiding anything either. Comfort is by way of a padded extendable headband, deep ear cushions and narrow ear cups and ear cup articulation whereby the ear cup can be moved in every direction to get the best fit. Portability is helped by being light weight and the features designed for comfort also protecting the headphone, thereby extending their life, making the Reference On-Ear Headphones more rugged.

Review - Klipsch Reference Premier Speaker Range

Klipsch Reference Premier Speaker Range

Klipsch Announce the Reference Premiere Speaker Range
T here are 10 models in the Klipsch Premiere speaker Range which all have the distinctive Klipsch look and use of a horn loaded tweeter. There are three floorstanders in the Reference Premiere range the RP-280F, the RP-260F and RP-250F Floorstanding Speakers. Three centre speakers follow the RP-450C, RP-440C and RP-250C Centre Speakers. There are two monitor speakers the RP-160M and RP-150M Monitor Speakers and finally two surround speakers, the RP-250S,RP-240S Surround Speakers. The special features found in the Klipsch Reference Premiere Speakers are :-

Review - Klipsch Reference Subwoofers

Klipsch Reference Subwoofers

Klipsch Adds Three Subwoofers to the Klipsch Reference Speaker Lineup
T he three new Klipsch Reference subwoofers are the R-110SW, the R-112SW, and the R-115SW). These new models join the existing Klipsch R-10SW and R-12SW.

Review - Klipsch R6m

Klipsch R6m

Klipsch launch the Klipsch R6m - In-ear headphones
T he Klipsch R6m – In-Ear headphone joins the Klipsch R6i and Klipsch R6 in the Klipsch R6 range. The Klipsch R6m – In-Ear headphone has been specially designed for mobile use whether this is Apple®, Android™, Windows® or BlackBerry®. The Klipsch R6m features a single-button remote and mic.

Review - Klipsch Palladium series

Klipsch Palladium series

Klipsch Palladium speakers series - More Info
K lipsch have provided more info on the Klipsch Palladium speaker series. The Klipsch Palladium speaker series consists of the :-

Review - Klipsch Cornwall III speakers

Klipsch Cornwall III speakers

Klipsch launch the Klipsch Cornwall III speakers
T he £1,999 Klipsch Cornwall III is, as its name suggests, the third incarnation of the Klipsch Cornwall ( a speaker originating from 1959). The Klipsch Cornwall speaker was designed to serve as a larger, full-range alternative to the Klipsch Heresy as your centre channel speaker, between two widely spaced Klipschorns. When it was discontinued in 1990, there was an outcry from consumers resulting in a letter-writing campaign and even a petition to bring back this storied loudspeaker.

Review - Klipsch Reference R-10B

Klipsch Reference R-10B

Klipsch launch the Klipsch Reference R-10B Soundbar
T he £479 Klipsch Reference R-10B Soundbar is a two box soundbar, the second box being a wireless sub-woofer. The Klipsch R-10B can be used as a Bluetooth speaker with support for the aptX Codec and provides 250 Watts from the Sub-Woofer and four horn loaded speakers in the soundbar unit itself.

Review - Klipsch Reference II speaker range

Klipsch Reference II speaker range

Klipsch upgrade the Klipsch Reference II speaker range for 2014
K lipsch have upgraded the Klipsch Reference II range for 2014. The major upgrade is the use of Copper-spun Injection Molded Graphite (IMG) woofers.

Review - Klipsch - RB-81 II Bookshelf Speaker

Klipsch - RB-81 II Bookshelf Speaker

Klipsch launches the RB 81 IIs Bookshelf Speaker
K lipsch enhances the RB range with these new bookshelf speakers. A bookshelf design, the Reference Series RB-81 II fills larger rooms with lifelike music and movie performances. It has a highly efficient design and produces more output using less energy than similar speakers.

Review - Klipsch Reference RB-41 II speakers

Klipsch Reference RB-41 II speakers

Klipsch launch the Reference RB-41 II bookshelf speakers
T he £298 Klipsch Reference RB-41 II bookshelf speaker weighs just six pounds but uses a proprietary Tractrix Horn technology to produce a unique combination of precision, clarity and effortless power.

Review - Klipsch RF-7 II

Klipsch RF-7 II

Klipsch launch the Klipsch RF-7 II speakers
T he £2998 Klipsch RF-7 II tower speaker (available in cherry or black) offers the ultimate in Reference Series performance. The Klipsch RF-7 II tower speaker lets you experience the true power, detail and emotion of cinematic spectacles and concert performances from the comforts of home.

Review - Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker

Klipsch Launch the Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker
T he £999 Klipsch Heresy III Floorstanding Speaker is the latest version of the Klipsch Heresy speaker, first seen in 1957, hence the retro / vintage look. It is still a three way design ( think you can just see this in the photo). Today, the new Klipsch Heresy III has a more powerful woofer, a bi-wire network, and a titanium diaphragm tweeter with a larger magnet assembly. The midrange compression driver also features a new titanium diaphragm.

Review - Klipsch R6 i

Klipsch R6 i

Klipsch launch the R6 i in-ear headphones
T he Klipsch R6 i in-ear headphones (available in two colours - white and black) are constructed from aluminium and elastomer for a sleek design and lightweight, durable and comfortable.fit. The Klipsch R6 i will be available Spring 2014.

Review - Klipsch Gig

Klipsch Gig

Klipsch launch the Klipsch Gig wireless Bluetooth speaker
T he £160 Klipsch Gig portable wireless Bluetooth speaker is tiny but offers easy music streaming with BLUETOOTH® wireless technology at the highest sound quality with AptX® audio coding. Wave your NFC equipped music source over to the Klipsch GiG for instant device pairing. Connect almost any other music source to its 3.5mm input jack. The speakerphone features a high quality microphone for clear conversation plus you can transfer, terminate, ignore and even voice dial your calls.

Review - Klipsch X11i

Klipsch X11i

Klipsch Launch the X11i in-ear headphones
T he circa £200 Klipsch X11i is Klipsch’s top of the range in-ear headphone to date being one of the world’s smallest luxurious and lightest in-ear headphones.

Review - klipsch X4i

klipsch X4i

Klipsch launch the X4i in-ear headphone
K ey features of the £129 Klipsch X4i in-ear headphones are :-

Review - Klipsch KMC 3

Klipsch KMC 3

Klipsch launch the KMC 3 blue tooth speaker
K lipsch have announced that the KMC 3 blue tooth speaker is now available.

Review - Klipsch KMC 3

Klipsch KMC 3

Klipsch announce coming soon the Klipsch KMC 3
A New 2.1 wireless speaker see link below for further details


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