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Review - JansZen zA2.1A

JansZen zA2.1A

JansZen launch the zA2.1A – Both an active and a hybrid electrostatic speaker
J ansZen have launched the JansZen zA2.1A loudspeaker, the A at the end distinguishing it as an active version of the prior zA2.1 electrostatic hybrid loudspeaker. It’s not cheap at £13,000 but you do get the power amplification in the package. There’s an added benefit here in that JansZen have match the power amplification to the speaker, eliminating the possibility of expensive mismatch mistakes! Also there’s no need for any expensive speaker cabling. The JansZen zA2.1A, being active, can now benefit from very short internal speaker cable lengths.

Review - JansZen zA1.1

JansZen zA1.1

JansZen launch the zA1.1 hybrid electrostatic speaker
J ansZen, the originator of the electrostatic loudspeaker, has something new, and another first of its kind, a 432mm tall, stand mount electrostatic hybrid called the zA1.1, available now in the UK at £5499.


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