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Review - IsoTek EVO3 Nova One

IsoTek EVO3 Nova One

From the multi award-winning Isotek Mosaic Series evolves the new EVO3 Nova One
I soTek has launched the EVO3 Nova One to join the Multi-awarding winning Mosaic Series. The Nova One is an evolution on from the original GII Nova released over a decade ago but features a dramatically modified and improved clean power network. Nova One also represents a continuation of the Mosaic range of products, which allow owners to pinpoint specific products in their system, to achieve improvements through a clean power source.

Review - IsoTek Ascension

IsoTek Ascension

IsoTek launch the Ascension Power Cable
I soTek has launched a new high-end flagship power cable called Ascension. The Ascension represents the ultimate in conductor purity and power cable construction. Unlike other traditional 3-core power cables Ascension features three, 4sqmm Ohno Continuous Cast copper (OCC copper) high purity conductions, these are then silver plated before being encased in extruded FEP with an air dielectric barrier. This assembly is then individually wrapped in Mylar and shielded with an Oxygen Free Copper (OFC) braid before being deep cryogenically treated down to -196 degrees Centigrade. This complex construction delivers extended openness, a sound with more perceived micro dynamic detail, and inner space and air between instruments within the sound stage. Ascension brings you closer to the music, with unprecedented tonal accuracy, as well as an open yet dynamic delivery of your favourite recordings.

Review - IsoTek EVO3 Corvus

IsoTek EVO3 Corvus

The new IsoTek EVO3 Corvus an evolution of the multi-award winner Polaris
I soTek has launched the next generation of the Discovery Series the EVO3 Corvus main conditioning block. The EVO3 Corvus is an evolution of IsoTek’s award-winning Polaris design, reconfigured to feature nine output sockets with an upgraded amperage rating to allow 3680W of continuous power. Also included as part of the price is a 1.5m Premier power cable. Meticulously designed, the EVO3 Corvus has a unique delta filter topology ensures class-leading filtration of both Common Mode and Differential Mode mains noise, delivering super-clean power to nine outlets – each one independently isolated to prevent cross-contamination. In addition, 13,500Amps of instantaneous protection is provided, safeguarding valuable equipment via IsoTek’s unique sequential and repeatable protection system. Priced at £695.00, the Corvus is a cost-effective upgrade to any audio or audio-visual system, delivering improved performance, and protection.

Review - IsoTek EVO3 Titan One

IsoTek EVO3 Titan One

IsoTek launch the EVO3 Titan One
I soTek has launched the EVO3 Titan One from the Multi-awarding winning Mosaic Series. The Titan One is a highly compact state of the art high current low impedance power cleaner designed for high amperage equipment, such as power amplifiers, subwoofers and active loudspeakers. It features the award-winning Direct-Coupled© Design network trickled down from IsoTek's Ultimate Series Super Titan, but reconfigured in a more practical and compact form factor. Although less powerful than its bigger brother Titan One is still capable of delivering 3680W of continuous power to a single rear outlet. Multiple Titan One units can be linked together and positioned s¬¬ide by side on an equipment support rack using the "link cable", allowing you to avoid the need for multiple power cables from wall sockets for every unit.

Review - Blue Horizon PRS Rack

Blue Horizon PRS Rack

Unique and Elegant Professional Rack System from Blue Horizon
B lue Horizon has launched a Professional Rack System (PRS), this unique modular rack system uses an uncompromising selection of materials; multi-grain-direction and a bespoke triple layer bamboo laminate, with grain running in opposing directions, with the central lamination running vertically this creates a chaotic structure that stops standing waves within the shelf and controls resonance granting any audio equipment the best platform for performance.

Review - IsoTek EVO3 Sequel

IsoTek EVO3 Sequel

IsoTek Launch The EVO3 Sequel - Mains Cable
T he Isotek EVO3 Sequel power cable comes in a 2 metre length for £199.95. The EVO3 Sequel offers improved performance over the IsoTek entry level EVO3 Premier power cable. The improved performance is achieved through optimised conductor strand geometry and active shielding. In terms of performance and product ranges, the EVO3 Sequel fits in above the EVO3 Premier but below Isotek’s mid-level EVO3 Elite mains cable.

Review - IsoTek EVO3 Venus

IsoTek EVO3 Venus

Isotek Launch The EVO3 Venus
T he £325 IsoTek Venus extends Isotek’s entry-level ‘Discovery’ range to provide yet another elegant and cost-effective way to optimise the performance of valuable HiFi equipment by improving the mains supply. The Isotek EVO3 Venus AV power centre is a five-outlet mains conditioner designed to enhance and protect a complete audio or AV system.


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