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Review - Arcam HDA Range

Arcam HDA Range

Arcam reveal the HDA Range
A rcam’s new HDA range is made up of three models, the SA10 Class A B amplifier, the SA20 Class G amplifier and the CDS50 SACD/CD player with network streaming. Each model has digital inputs, IP and RS232 control and comes with a backlit learning remote.

Review - NAD D 3020

NAD D 3020

NAD launches the V2 version of the D 3020 - Integrated amp
N AD has launched a version 2 of the D 3020 integrated amp, which will be cheaper than the original and offer better functionality and sound quality. What not to love! …

Review - Luxman L-509X

Luxman L-509X

The Luxman L-509X integrated amp is their new flagship integrated
L UXMAN will be releasing the Luxman L-509X integrated amplifier, available in the UK from January 2018, at an RRP of £8,500 inc. VAT. The L-509X is their new flagship class AB integrated amplifier. The L-509X offers 120 watts per channel into 8 ohms, 4 line inputs , 1 MM/MC phono input, 2 balanced line inputs, recording outputs and a preamp in input and preamp out output. Additionally the L-509X can drive two pairs of speakers. No digital inputs though.

Review - Leema Pulse 4

Leema Pulse 4

Leema Pulse IV unites turntables and digital devices with high-res audio, Bluetooth and more
L eema Acoustics’ new Pulse IV amplifier is the ideal ‘hub’ for contemporary music-listening with its turntable connectivity, Bluetooth playback and seven digital inputs enabling a huge range of devices to connect.

The Pulse IV is a highly versatile and powerful integrated amplifier that enables a world of music to be enjoyed with Leema Acoustics’ sound quality thanks to a huge connectivity suite bringing together music playback in all its forms, whether on vinyl, streamed from smartphones and tablets via aptX Bluetooth, or stored on computers, laptops and more.

Review - McIntosh MA5300

McIntosh MA5300

McIntosh launch the MA5300 Integrated Amp and DAC
T he McIntosh MA5300 integrated amplifier, their smallest and most powerful solid-state integrated amplifier, will retail at £6,750. The MA5300 integrated amp offers 100 Watts per channel, plus a USB DAC, phono stage and a headphone amp.

Review - NAD C 328

NAD C 328

NAD launch the C 328 - Integrated amp
T he C 328 joins NAD’s latest integrated line up (C338, C368, C388) with analogue, digital and BT connectivity as well as a built in phono stage. Priced at £499, this integrated is the entry level model into NAD’s latest Hybrid Digital amplifier range. Available from November/December

Review - Unison Research Unico 90

Unison Research Unico 90

Unison Research launch the Unico 90 - Integrated amp
T he new Unison Research Unico 90 is a 100 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, classic integrated amp with no digital inputs. Like the Unico 150, the Unico 90 is a hybrid design using valves in the preamp section and solid state devices in the dual mono power amp section.

Review - McIntosh MA9000

McIntosh MA9000

McIntosh launches its biggest ever integrated amplifier - the 300-watt MA9000
M cIntosh has launched the MA9000 integrated amplifier, its biggest ever integrated amplifier, in both size and power. Offering a gigantic range of inputs, including five digital connections for media devices, plus phono inputs for turntables, the powerhouse amplifier has been designed to last a lifetime.

Review - PMC Cor


PMC Launch the Cor - Integrated Amp
T he PMC Cor Integrated Amp retails in the UK for £4,995 and is a conventional integrated amp i.e. no digital inputs. The Cor. PMC’s first integrated amp and first seen at the High End Show in Munich 207, has one set of balanced inputs and four RCA inputs. There is also a pre-out so it can be used as a pre-amp with a power amp and a direct in. The direct in goes straight to the power amp section of Cor. There are two speaker outputs one for the left and one for the right speakers. The Cor is a class A B amp offering 95Watts into 8 Ohms and 140 Watts into 4 Ohms. There are defeatable sliding controls for balance treble and bass too as well as a mute and mono switch.

Review - TEAC AI-503


TEAC launch the AI-503 - Integrated Amp
T he TEAC AI-503, at £899, is an integrated amp, a USB DAC, LDAC compatible Bluetooth receiver and headphone amp. TEAC quote a rated output of 22 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms so the AI-503 is very much a desktop amplifier. The USB DAC section follows a similar dual mono design as that used in the award winning UD-503 USB DAC and headphone amp. The AI-503 can decode up to 11.2MHz DSD and 384kHz/32-bit PCM

Review - McIntosh MA8900

McIntosh MA8900

McIntosh launch the MA8900 - Integrated amp
T he McIntosh MA8900 is the first of a McIntosh next generation line of integrated amplifiers. The MA8900 Integrated Amplifier offers 200 Watts per channel, includes digital inputs, an MM and MC phono stage and a headphone amp.

Review - Leema Pulse 4

Leema Pulse 4

Leema launch the Pulse IV - Integrated Amp
T he Leema Acoustics Pulse IV (at £2,295) is the 2017 version and fourth generation of the Pulse amplifier. The Pulse IV sees an improvement in performance, all-new casework together with new contemporary features, including a high-quality phono stage, aptX Bluetooth, plus a 32 bit/384 kHz DSD capable DAC, ready for its international debut at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2017. The new Pulse IV will form part of the newly re-launched Spectrum range.

Review - Chord CPM 2800 MkII

Chord CPM 2800 MkII

Chord Electronics offers major new styling alternative
C hord Electronics has introduced a new styling alternative to its full-size component ranges, Reference and Chord. All double- and quad-height products* in Chord Electronics’ two upper ranges can now be ordered with high-quality solid black acrylic side panels as an alternative to Chord’s traditional Integra Leg System; Chord’s single-height products** will also be available with the new side panels later in 2017.

Review - Rega Brio 2017

Rega Brio 2017

Rega launch the Brio 2017 integrated amp
T he Rega Brio 2017, at £598, is a ½ width case, 50 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms, integrated amp that includes an MM phono stage and for the first time in a Brio, a headphone output. The Brio 2017 is an upgraded version of its predecessor, the Brio-R. Key improvements are a brand new case design, a complete overhaul of the electronic circuitry and that already mentioned headphone output.

Review - Denon PMA-1600NE

Denon PMA-1600NE

Denon launch the PMA-1600NE Integrated Amp
T he Denon PMA-1600NE is an integrated amp with USB DAC , both MM and MC phono stage and a headphone amp all within the one box. The PMA-1600NE is based on its bigger brother the flagship PMA-2500NE, and replaces the PMA-2010AE. The DAC section of the PMA-1600NE can be switched off, in analogue mode, for an improvement in sound quality when using the PMA-1600NE as a pure integrated amp. When in use the rear USB-B input and embedded high quality D/A converter, can play hi-res audio files up to 384kHz/32bit and DSD up to 11.2MHz from a computer.

Review - NAD M32


NAD Launch The M32 - Integrated Amp
T he NAD M32 is an integrated digital amp, USB DAC, phono stage, internet radio and headphone amp offering a powerful 150 watts into both 8 and 4 Ohms. The M32 uses NAD’s MDC modules, MDC stands for Modular Design Construction (MDC). The M32 can accommodate 4 of these modules, one is a pre-supplied SPDIF Module, and the other three can be used for upgrading the M32. The M32 can also be upgraded by firmware updates as all the controls are software driven. The SPDIF Module, offers AES/EBU, 2 x Coax and 2 x Optical, all 24 bit/192 kHz capable. Additionally, digital wise, there is a USB B port for connecting computers. Two sets of speaker terminals allow the M32 to be used to bi-wire speakers.

Review - Marantz PM10 - Integrated Amp

Marantz PM10 - Integrated Amp

Marantz Launch The PM-10 - Integrated Amp
T he Marantz PM-10 is the Marantz's top of the range integrated amp. The PM-10 is a fully balanced, dual mono design, offering a very powerful 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms and the full 400 Watts per channel into 4 Ohms. Marantz describe the PM-10 as a pre-amplifier and two monoblock power amps, squeezed into the one chassis. There are no digital inputs in the PM-10, it's a pure analogue integrated amp. However the PM-10 does offer a headphone amp and both an MM and MC phono stage.

Review - Cyrus One

Cyrus One

Cyrus Release A Control App For The Cyrus One
C yrus have just released an app to control the Cyrus One, an integrated amp, Bluetooth receiver and a lot more. The app is available now on the Apple Store and on Google Play. You will also need to update the firmware on your Cyrus ONE to version 1.3 which supports the new app. This update can be done at home with a USB to mini USB cable. The new firmware and instructions can be found via the first link below. Alternatively you can take your unit along to your authorised Cyrus dealer who will be happy to update it for you.

Review - Arcam A39 -  FMJ Integrated amplifier

Arcam A39 - FMJ Integrated amplifier

Arcam: Christmas Cheer Price Drops on World-class Hi-Fi and AV - Dec 2016
W here as many manufacturers are increasing prices, Arcam are reducing prices or not increasing prices on models where production costs have risen. The reduced or held prices will last ‘til Christmas and beyond and are designed to drive business to Arcam. Also the award winning A19 integrated amp is now discontinued due to component supply problems. Arcam have reduced the price of the next two models up, the A29 and A39 to make them more attractive.

Review - Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600

Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600

Musical Fidelity Launch The Nu-Vista 600 Integrated Amp
T he Musical Fidelity Nu-Vista 600 at £5,000 is the third product to join MFs top of the range NuVista range and joins the Nu-Vista CD Player and the 600’s bigger brother the Nu-Vista 800 integrated amp. The Nu-Vista 600 has 4x Line Level RCA / Phono and 1x Line Level XLR Balanced. Going out there’s 1 pair line level RCA connectors, constant level Line outputs and 1 pair line level RCA connectors, preamp outputs for e.g. bi-amping, combined with two sets of speaker outputs.

Review - Quad VA-One

Quad VA-One

Quad Launch The VA-One - Valve Integrated Amp , DAC And More
T he Quad VA-One £1,299.95 (R.R.P) is a compact integrated valve amp bringing together classic valve technology for the integrated amp and headphone amp and modern digital technology, including USB connectivity into the internal DAC and Bluetooth connectivity.

Review - NAD C 368

NAD C 368

NAD launch the C 368 integrated amp
T he NAD C 368 integrated amp offers 80 watts per channel. In addition the C 368 also has digital inputs, a Bluetooth receiver, a Moving Magnet Phono stage and a headphone amp. If this isn't enough the C 368 can be upgraded via the addition of up to two MDC (Modular Design Construction) modules. The C 368 can be used as a preamp possessing a preamp out to a power amp or even to a sub-woofer.

Review - Marantz PM6006 - Integrated Amp

Marantz PM6006 - Integrated Amp

Marantz CD6006 And PM6006 - More Info From Audio-T
M arantz recently upgraded their award winning CD player the CD6005 and integrated amp the PM6005 with two new products , increasing the model number by 1 to yield the CD6006 and PM6006. Audio-T look at these two models from Marantz and look at what improvements the CD6006 and PM6006 offer over their predecessors.

Review - Devialet  Expert 1000 Pro

Devialet Expert 1000 Pro

Devialet Launch The Expert 1000 Pro - Streamer, USB DAC, Phono Stage And Integrated Amp
T he Devialet Expert 1000 Pro is the top of the range Devialet Expert series and is all of a wireless streamer, USB DAC, phono stage and integrated amp. The Expert 1000 Pro is also the most powerful of the Expert Range offering 1000 Watts. It also offers the lowest total harmonic distortion figure at a tiny 0.00025% at full power ! There's also an excellent 133 dB Signal-to-noise ratio.

Review - Audiolab M-One

Audiolab M-One

Audiolab Officially Launch The M-One
F irst seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016 the Audiolab - M-One, a one box pre/power amp, USB DAC, and aptX Bluetooth receiver, has been officially launched by Audiolab with a RRP of £799.95. Outwardly, the M-ONE is almost identical to the M-DAC+, Audiolab’s flagship USB DAC being housed in the same compact aluminium case, small enough to sit unobtrusively on a desk, table or shelf, with the same central OLED display and elegant dual rotary control scheme. But while standalone DACs like the M-DAC+ require a separate power amp to drive a pair of speakers, the M-ONE packs stereo power amplification of suitably high quality, plus preamp facilities for analogue sources as well as digital inputs, and a headphone amp, into the diminutive chassis.

Review - Peachtree Nova 300

Peachtree Nova 300

Peachtree Reveal The Nova 300
T he Peachtree Nova 300 is the second product in the Peachtree Nova 2.0 range (the first was the Nova 150 which is available now and coming 1st quarter 2017 is the Nova 500 to form a three strong product range. The Nova 300 will be available July or August 2016. The Nova 300 is a 300 watts per channel integrated amp with USB DAC, streaming, a phono stage and a headphone amp all in the one box.


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