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Review - Icon Audio CDX2 - CD Player

Icon Audio CDX2 - CD Player

Icon Audio launch the CDX2 - CD Player
I con Audio have launched their second CD Player the £995 CD X2 a more affordable version of their CD X1 CD player.

Review - Icon audio BA3 Buffer Amp

Icon audio BA3 Buffer Amp

Icon Audio launch the BA3 Buffer Amplifier
T he £600 Icon Audio BA3 buffer amplifier is an all valve, triode, Class A buffer stage that can add a valve “warmness” to a harsh transistor based HiFi System.

Review - Icon Audio MB81

Icon Audio MB81

Icon Audio reveal the Icon Audio MB81 - Valve MonoBlock Power amps
U pdate - The availability has now been announced as February 2015. The limited edition, and £12,500 per pair, Icon Audio MB81 is a triode valve amp , configured in push pull mode, that is capable of delivering 200 Watts per channel into 8 Ohms !

Review - Icon Audio HP8 MKII

Icon Audio HP8 MKII

Icon Audio launch the HP8 MKII Headphone amp
T he circa £650 Icon Audio HP8 MKII headphone amp is made exactly the same way as a small pure valve hi fi amplifier. The Icon Audio HP8 MKII uses a specially designed output transformer which gives perfect matching to any headphone load. The Icon Audio HP8 MKII includes a generous mains transformer with matching power supply and two special output transformers. The Icon Audio HP8 MKII a heavy 7kg, and very solidly made, gives you an idea of how much iron you get for your money!

Review - Icon Audio - MB 90 MK IIm

Icon Audio - MB 90 MK IIm

Icon Audio Launch the MB 90 MK IIm - Valve mono block power amps
T he Icon Audio MB90 MK IIm monoblock valve power amps are a very high performance power amplifier specifically designed to work in one of two modes Triode mode or Ultralinear mode. Which you choose ( via a switch on the power amps) depends upon your preference or power needs. Ultralinear mode offers 110W per channel , Triode mode offers 60W per channel. Icon Audio MB90 MK IIms can drive the very best of speakers with ease. Using only four valves the running cost and maintenance is low as the valves are run well within their maximum ratings. The front end is inspired by the famous British “Leak/Mullard” designs of the 1950s. This gives a very smooth musical quality to the high power available, making them very versatile in their application. Icon Audio’s unique big Tertiary wound “LDT” transformers give you true high end performance in every way: Dynamics. Macro Dynamics. Depth. Bandwidth. Purity. Warmth.

Review - Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP

Icon Audio Stereo 845 PP

Icon audio launch the Stereo 845 PP integrated valve amplifier
T he Stereo 845 PP ( PP stands for Push Pull) is a 40 watt per channel valve integrated amp from Icon Audio using 2 matched 845 valves per channel in push pull mode in the output stages , two 6SL7 first-stage valves, two 6SN7 output-driver valves in the pre-amp section and a GZ34 driver-stage rectifier. As ever with Icon setup and usability is very good with an easy bias set up meter on the front of the amp. Price is £6000.

Review - Icon Audio MB 150

Icon Audio MB 150

Icon Audio launch the MB 150 monoblocks
T he KT 150 tube is an improvement by Tung Sol on the venerable KT 88 and recent KT120 , offering more power for today's power hungry speakers.

Review - Icon Audio MB30SE

Icon Audio MB30SE

Icon Audio launch the MB30SE
I con audio are trying to get the benefits of Single Ended valve amplification but with enough power output to drive "real world" speakers.


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