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Review - Chord Ensemble

Chord Ensemble

Chord Ensemble – Equipment rack - more info
T he Chord Choral Ensemble is a solid aluminium support for the Chord Choral range. Characteristically for Chord it’s made from finely machined aircraft-grade aluminium.

Review - Chord Ensemble

Chord Ensemble

Chord Electronics reveal the Ensemble System
T he Chord Electronics Ensemble system (unlike the one box two speaker Devialet system with the same "Ensemble" name ) is four or even five Chord Electronics Choral modules housed in a brand new supporting case ( no speakers ).

Review - Chord Modular Equipment Support

Chord Modular Equipment Support

Chord announce a new Modular Equipment Support for their Choral range
C hord announce a newly designed modular equipment support system for the high-performance Choral range.The new Choral Modular system has been completely redesigned by our engineering team to offer a more elegant and flexible solution to housing the Choral electronics.


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