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Review - HRT dsp

HRT dsp

HRT Launch The dSp USB DAC And Headphone Amp
T he High Resolution Technologies or HRT dSp (yours for £80) is a USB DAC and Headphone amp designed to improve headphone sound from smartphones, Tablets and portable devices running under all of Android Lollipop, Chrome OS, Windows, Apple OSX and others. The dSp incorporates proprietary digital Sound processing and conversion along with a high-performance headphone amplifier, all within an extremely portable form factor. The dSp can also decode Hi-Res Audio up to 24 bit 96 kHz.

Review - HRT STAGE Music System

HRT STAGE Music System

HRT Launch the STAGE Music System
H igh Resolution Technologies or HRT have launched the STAGE music system, consisting of the HRT STAGE Control Centre and STAGE Speaker System (2 speakers). Available in Black or White, price for the STAGE is £1,199 (inc VAT) and with remote control and is available now.

Review - HRT Music Streamer III

HRT Music Streamer III

HRT Launch The HRT Music Streamer III (MS III) - USB DAC
T he £189 HRT Music Streamer III (MS III) USB DAC from High Resolution Technologies is technically an external sound card for a computer. Via the MS III you can use your computer as a music streamer, or even a CD player using the computer’s optical drive. As a music streamer the MS III can decode PCM computer audio files up to 24 bit 96 kHz.
The MS III provides full support for playback applications such as iTunes and Windows Media Player, as well as numerous others, allowing a direct, great-sounding connection between your computer and your entertainment system. You can also listen to streaming Internet radio stations or music subscription services through the MS III in much better sound quality than from your computer's built-in DAC.


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