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Review - Grado GS2000e

Grado GS2000e

Grado Launch The GS2000e Headphones
T he Grado GS2000e statement headphones, which cost $1,395.00 in the US - No UK price yet - are a wood based, on-ear, open backed headphone employing Mahogany and Maple wood. Grado see their expertise in working with mixed woods as perhaps delivering something of the sound of ancient violin makers, such as Stradivarius and Guarnerius, who also used a mixed wood technique to build their violins. In Grado's case this technique has gone into delivering a top-class modern day headphone rather than a violin !

Review - Grado iGe

Grado iGe

Grado Launch The iGe - In-Ear Headphones
T he Grado iGe is the latest addition to the Grado e series of In-Ear headphones that already includes the R Grado, GR10e and GR8e. The Grado iGe are the first model to include a remote and microphone (pictured) for Apple mobile devices.

Review - Grado eGrado

Grado eGrado

Grado Add The eGrado To The Grado e Series Of Headphones
L ooks like an inflight model and Grado describe the eGrado as light enough to fly. The eGrados do have audiophile roots though in that they use the same drivers as found in the Grado SR60e headphones.

Review - Grado GR10e

Grado GR10e

Grado Reveal The GR10e, GR8e & iGi - In-Ear Headphones
G rado have revealed three new in-ear headphones to accompany their Grado e series - namely the GR10e, GR8e & iGi Earphones.

Review - Grado SR80e

Grado SR80e

Grado launch the Grado SR80e - Open Backed Headphones
T he £99.95 Grado SR80e is an evolution of the Grado SR80i including all the benefits found in the new Grado e series.

Review - Grado SR125e headphones

Grado SR125e headphones

Grado launch the Grado SR125e headphones
T he £150 Grado SR125e headphones are based on the Grado SR80e headphones. Likewise they feature a further improved driver and cable design utilising UHPLC (Ultra-high purity, long crystal) copper voice coil wire. The cable is an 8 conductor design that offers better control of the high treble and low bass. Grado's famous midrange clarity hasn’t been forgotten either.

Review - Grado RS2e

Grado RS2e

Grado launch the Grado RS2e open backed headphones
T he £499.95 Grado RS2e Reference Headphones are an evolution of the Grado RS2i headphones but including all of the Grado e series benefits. They also come with a new carry case as part of a bundle.

Review - Grado SR325e

Grado SR325e

Grado launch the Grado SR325e - Open Backed Headphone
T he £300 new Grado SR325e headphones and are an evolution of the award winning Grado SR325is with all the e Series benefits.

Review - Grado SR60e

Grado SR60e

Grado launch the Grado SR60e Open Backed Headphone
T he R.R.P. £80 Grado SR60e is the third generation of the award winning Grado SR60 (the Grado SR60i was the model in between). Grado has taken one of the world's most legendary headphones and made it even better. The Grado SR60e has the following improvements:-

Review - Grado PS1000e

Grado PS1000e

Grado launch the Grado PS1000e - Open backed headphones
T he £1,699.95 Grado PS1000e are the top of the range Grado headphones. They are an evolution of the previous Grado PS1000, including the recent improvements made in the new Grado e series of headphones.

Review - Grado e Series

Grado e Series

Grado Extends the Reference Series with the e Series
G rado has announced an extension to the reference series. We have received a sneak peek!


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