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Review - Furutech SK-Filter

Furutech SK-Filter

Furutech Launch The SK-Filter - A Vinyl Static Remover
T he Furutech SK-Filter (£350) is pictured left - turntable arm and cartridge not included ! The SK-Filter is the brush and supporting mechanism that positions the brush just above the rotating vinyl. Static in the vinyl then discharges into the atmosphere via the brush.

Review - Furutech NanoFlux Cables

Furutech NanoFlux Cables

Furutech Launch The NanoFlux NCF Power And NanoFlux Speaker Cables
J apanese cable experts Furutech’s recently-developed ‘Alpha Nano-Au-Ag’ OCC conductor is among the best that the brand’s engineers have ever conceived for sound reproduction. Not surprising, then, that it underpins the brand’s new top-of-line power and speaker cables. Au-Ag is a mixture of gold and silver and OCC stands for Ohno Continuous Cast (a casting process developed to help defeat annealing issues and virtually eliminate all grain boundaries in copper or silver)

Review - Furutech ADL GT40a STRATOS

Furutech ADL GT40a STRATOS

Furutech Launch The ADL GT40a STRATOS
T he Furutech ADL GT40a STRATOS (yours for £995) continues the "Swiss Army Knife" tradition of the Furutech GT40 Alpha as the GT40a STRATOS is all of a USB DAC, a Headphone amp, an analogue preamp, a phono preamp (for both MM and MC cartridges) and an analogue to digital converter or ADC, meaning that the GT40a STRATOS can be used to record vinyl to digital. In the GT40a STRATOS decoding of DXD and DSD (2.8M, 5.6M and 11.2M) computer audio files has been added as well as four pin balanced output and two left/right 3 pin balanced outputs for balanced headphones. The two left/right 3 pin balanced outputs can also be taken directly into a power amp. The Analogue To Digital converter has been improved to now be able to record to 24 bit / 192 kHz PCM computer audio files. Finally STRATOS has optical outputs for connection to an alternative DAC.

Review - Furutech ADL H128

Furutech ADL H128

Furutech reveal the ADL H128 Headphones
T he Furutech Over-Ear ADL H128 headphones (priced at £295) improve on the H118 headphones. Furutech have attempted to retain the smoothness and level sonic frequency balance of the H118 headphones ( no exaggerated bass here ) but increase dynamic "slam". The increase in dynamics has been achieved by two major changes :-

Review - Furutech ADL GT40 Alpha

Furutech ADL GT40 Alpha

Furutech reveal the ADL GT40 Alpha "HiFi Swiss Army Knife"
T he original Furutech ADL GT40 was referred to as a Swiss Army Knife as it was a USB DAC , an analogue pre amp a headphone amp and a Phono pre amp all in the same box.

Review - Furutech ADL A1

Furutech ADL A1

Furutech Officially launch the Furutech ADL A1 - Portable USB DAC and Headphone Amp
T he £435 Furutech ADL A1 expands on the award winning Furutech ADL X1 portable USB DAC/headphone amplifier, adding Android compatibility and DSD replay.

Review - Furutech ADL EH008

Furutech ADL EH008

Furutech launch the Furutech ADL EH008 - In-ear headphones
T he £125 Furutech ADL EH008 are currently Furutech’s only In-ear headphone or earphone.

Review - Furutech ADL Stratos

Furutech ADL Stratos

Furutech reveal the ADL Stratos - USB DAC - headphone amp - pre amp and phono preamp
T he Furutech ADL Stratos is a USB DAC , Headphone amp and digital pre amp. As well as these features it has an analogue in which is switchable between line level and Phono. In addition it can be used to record from an LP player or other analogue device via the USB Out. This makes it as well as a USB DAC , an ADC or Analogue to Digital converter.

Review - Furutech ADL-H118 Headphone

Furutech ADL-H118 Headphone

Furutech ADL-H118 Headphone - more Info
T he Furutech ADL-H118 Headphones feature triform earcups, specially designed for a superior seal over your ears improving bass response over other designs. The Triform Contour also reduces internal standing waves and reflections for reduced distortion. The headband flare over the Alpha Triform Contour Earcups make the H118 Headphones supremely comfortable, an observation everyone makes before suddenly captured by the sound and falling silent! The Furutech ADL H118 is balanced in a completely audiophile way, a very Furutech way. Rich tonal colors and textures with intimate and close harmonic interplay, a sense of space and quiet backgrounds are the key. It’s an involving emotional experience when you’re THIS CLOSE to the music.

Review - Furutech - GT2 Pro USB Cable

Furutech - GT2 Pro USB Cable

Furutech reveal the top of the range GT2 Pro USB Cable
F ollowing on from the success of the Furutech GT2 USB cable Furutech have revealed the higher specified top of the range Furutech GT2Pro 2.0 USB cable.

Review - Furutech ADL A1

Furutech ADL A1

Furutech reveal the ADL A1 - Portable USB DAC Headphone amp
L ooks very similar to the Furutech ADL X1 but the DAC in the Furutech ADL A1 has DSD 64 and DSD 128 (DXD) support. Details are scarce at the moment but it looks like the Furutech ADL A1 will be launched in March 2014.


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