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Review - Focal Clear

Focal Clear

Focal launch the Clear headphones
T he Focal Clear headphones at £1,399 sit between Elear and their top of the range model Utopia. Clear are an open backed, over ear headphone. Clear shares the Elear’s tweeter adding a frameless copper voice coil.

Review - Focal Spark Wireless

Focal Spark Wireless

Focal launch the Spark Wireless heaphone
T he Focal Spark Wireless in-ear headphones, at £85, are the wireless version of Focal's entry-level Spark earphone. Spark Wireless is very similar to Spark itself , but as a wireless headphone offers the superior Bluetooth 4.1 communication.

Review - Focal Listen - Headphones

Focal Listen - Headphones

Focal Launch The Listen Headphones
T he Focal Listen are a premium closed-back over ear portable headphone that are compatible with all smartphones and are priced From $249.

Review - Focal Elear - Headphones

Focal Elear - Headphones

Focal Launch The Elear Headphones
T he Focal Elear are the second of three high end headphones from Focal priced from $999. Elear are an audiophile high-end over ear open-backed headphones for noisy environments. Elear use a pure, technophile and sophisticated design thanks to their solid aluminium yoke and the Leather headband

Review - Focal Utopia - Headphones

Focal Utopia - Headphones

Focal Launch The Utopia Headphones
T he Focal Utopia headphones are the third of three new high end models from Focal and their top of the range headphone, priced from $3,999. The Utopia's share their name with Focal's top of the range speaker range.

Review - Focal Sopra 3

Focal Sopra 3

Focal Launch The Sopra No 3 Speakers
T he Focal Sopra No 3 at £15,750 is the third speaker in the Focal Sopra range and is the bigger brother of the existing floor stander the Focal Sopra No 2. Like the No 2, the Sopra No 3 is a 3 way design with dual woofers.

Review - Focal Sopra Speakers

Focal Sopra Speakers

Focal Sopra 1 And Sopra 2 Speakers More Info From Audio Affair
F rench speaker manufacturer Focal recently launched their new Sopra speaker range with the stand mounted Focal Sopra No 1 and the Floor standing Focal Sopra No 2. Both speakers have be well received and Audio Affair take a close look at the two speakers, show all the colour possibilities and ask (and try to answer) the question - should it be the Sopra No.1 s or the Sopra No.2 s.

Review - Focal Sopra Speakers

Focal Sopra Speakers

Focal Launch The Sopra Speaker Range
T he Focal Sopra range sits under the Utopia range in Focal’s speaker portfolio but incorporates 20 years of experience acquired developing the Utopia range, with new technologies such as Sopra’s 25 mm IHL (Infinite Horn Loaded) Beryllium tweeter also included. There are currently two models in the Sopra range – the € 8,000 Euro Sopra No1 (U.K. price is £6,495) is a two way bookshelf speaker, and the €12,000 Euros Sopra No2 (UK price is £9,599), a 4 driver, 3 way floor standing speaker.

Review - Focal Bi-Polar

Focal Bi-Polar

Focal Launch The Bi-Polar Speaker
G uess there's going to be two perspectives on this one what is the Focal Bi-Polar speaker and where does it fit into the Focal speaker range. What the Bi-Polar is, is 2 - two way speakers in the same cabinet and the Bi-Polar fits into the Focal Aria speaker range as a rear channel speaker. Audio Affair suggest partnering the Bi-Polar with Focal Aria 936 floorstanders, the CC 900 centre speaker and a Sub 300 P subwoofer.

Review - Focal Professional CMS40

Focal Professional CMS40

Focal launch the Focal Professional CMS40 - Active Desltop speakers
T he circa £700 per pair Focal Professional CMS 40 - Active desktop speakers are referred to as a monitor on the Focal website. Although billed as a Professional speaker for use in monitoring recordings in a studio, they're quite at home playing them back as part of a desktop system.

Review - Focal Spirit One S

Focal Spirit One S

Focal launch the Focal Spirit One S headphones
T he 179 € Focal Spirit One S is the fourth model of the Focal headphones family. The Focal Spirit One S headphones are comfortable and lightweight, modern and resolutely mobile. Focal’s expertise on speaker drivers, applied to headphones, makes the difference. Spirit One S offers excellent acoustic definition and a complete musical integrity thanks to its large cone of 40mm (19/16″), very light.

Review - Focal Dimension

Focal Dimension

Focal Launch the Focal Dimension Soundbar
T he Focal Dimension Soundbar ($1399 UK price still to be announced) was first seen at CES 2014. It can be paired with an optional Focal Dimension SubWoofer

Review - Focal Spirit Classic

Focal Spirit Classic

Focal Launch the Focal Spirit Classic headphones
T he Focal Spirit Classic headphones MSRP £299 but available for less are Closed back, circumaural Hi-Fi headphones designed for hifi enthusiasts and music lovers.

Review - Focal Passport Studio

Focal Passport Studio

Focal launch the Passport Studio portable monitor speakers
T he Focal Passport Studio speakers are a collaboration between Focal and Fender to produce a portable pair of monitor speakers at around £370.

Review - Focal Easya

Focal Easya

Focal launch the Easya a floorstanding amplified wireless speaker
T he focal Easya is a next generation of wireless amplified loudspeakers combining ease of use and the remarkable sound quality of traditional Focal loudspeakers. Composed of a Hub which connects to all your devices, and two high-fidelity loudspeakers, this sound system made in France is full of Focal technologies and offers wireless real CD-quality sound.

Review - Focal Aria Range

Focal Aria Range

Focal Launch the Focal Aria 900 series
T he 900 series is an affordable speaker range from Focal with cost savings being achieved via a less expensive to manufacture speaker cone.

Review - Focal XS book wireless

Focal XS book wireless

Focal launch the XS book wireless
F irst seen at Bristol 2013 and later Munich , the Focal XS Book Wireless is a bluetooth apt-x wireless version of Focal's XS Book Desktop system.


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