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Review - Fiio X5 III

Fiio X5 III

Fiio launch the X5 3rd Generation
T he FiiO X5 III at £389 is the third generation X5 and is a portable digital music player capable of Hi-Res Audio playback. The FiiO X5 III is equipped with two top-of-the-line AKM AK4490EN DACs, one for each channel. The AK4490EN is a part of a new generation of high-quality 32-bit DACs that supports all PCM and DSD formats. The X5 3rd gen, following in the footstep of FiiO's flagship DAP, also offers two modes of operation, pure music mode and Android mode. In Pure Music Mode, only the main music player is available. No other apps run on the X5 III so it is purely dedicated to music replay. In Android Mode, users are free to install and run any third-party Android apps (such as the Amazon music app) according to their needs. By offering these two modes of operation. The X5 3rd gen brings a number of new features for a convenient wireless experience, 2.4 GHz allows users to listen to their favourite online streaming services. Aptx ensures a low latency, high-quality wireless Bluetooth experience, and DLNA is supported for even more forms of wireless connectivity. With the X5 3rd gen, you can play your music anytime, anywhere. In this new design made of fine stainless steel powder based on new metallurgical methods, the gap between the microSD card slot and the rest of the body is only 0.2mm, making for a more slimmer body. The X5 3rd gen contains both 32GB of built-in storage and two external microSD card slots. Since each microSD card slot supports up to 256GB cards, the X5 3rd gen is able to carry up to a huge 544GB of music. The X5 3rd gen contains a 3.8V 3400mAh battery that provides more than 10 hours of playing time. But when you do run out of battery, the new X5 has new rapid charging technology with temperature detection (with an on-screen indicator).

Review - Fiio Q1

Fiio Q1

Fiio Launch The Q1 - USB DAC And Headphone Amp
T he New FiiO Q1 at £59.99 is the successor to the FiiO E07K with updated 24Bit/96KHz USB DAC and a powerful headphone amp. The Q1 comes with a host of new features and a brand new look that is still in keeping with the FiiO Brand. The Headphone Amplifier DAC Supports lossless 96KHz/24bit User with computer or portable media player. The Q1 is both compact and light-weight.

Review - X3


FiiO takes the X3 further with new firmware
C hinese manufacturer FiiO's cheap (£160) high definition portable player has just got a lot better thanks to its recent firmware upgrade.


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