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Review - Epos K5

Epos K5

Epos Reveal The K5 Speaker
T he Epos K5 speaker is a two way stand mounted speaker a pair of which can be used as the speakers for a stereo system or the K5 can be used as a satellite speaker in an AV system. The K5 speaker features stylish good looks, a High Velocity Slot Ports (HVSP), rear mounted drivers, detachable rear baffles and upgradability via Active-K to a fully powered active speaker.

Review - Epos K3 speakers

Epos K3 speakers

Epos K3 Speakers - More Info From Epos
E pos have set up a dedicated Epos K3 speaker site where you can find out more about their top of the range floorstander the K3. Here there’s more info on the High Velocity Slot Ports , the special components in the crossovers and even the ability to internally re-wire the speakers after purchase.

Review - Epos K3 speakers

Epos K3 speakers

Epos reveal the K3 speakers
T he Epos K3 is the right hand speaker (as viewed )and the speaker on the left is the already released Epos K2. So the Epos K3 is going to be a larger floorstander in the Epos K speaker range.

Review - Epos K1 speakers

Epos K1 speakers

Epos launch the Epos K1 speakers
T he all new Epos K-Series marks the beginning of a new era for Epos. Designed by Luke Creek, the Epos K1 stand-mount loudspeaker is the starting point in this new range.

Review - Epos K2 speakers

Epos K2 speakers

Epos launch the Epos K2 speakers
T he Epos K2 speaker is a larger floor standing version of the Epos K1 stand mounted speaker. As an Epos K series speaker it shares the following design principles:-


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