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Review - Naim ND555 ND5 XS 2 NDX 2

Naim ND555 ND5 XS 2 NDX 2

Naim reveal the ND555 ND5 XS 2 and NDX 2 Streamers
T he Naim ND555 is a brand new streamer from Naim and the first in their 500 series. The ND5 XS 2 and NDX 2 streamers are upgraded versions of the previous ND5 and NDX. All have improved connectivity to streaming services and the ND555 and NDX 2 have a 5 inch front panel TFT colour display.

Review - McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

The McIntosh MB50 streamer is now available in the UK
T he McIntosh MB50 streamer, which was first seen at CES 2016, is now available in the UK through Jordan Acoustics priced at £2,750. The MB50 offers high-resolution wireless music streaming using DTS Play-Fi® technology to a range of connected devices in the home. The MB50 has a compact form factor with a natural partner of McIntosh’s own MXA70 integrated audio system and the MHA150 headphone amp.

Review - Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Announce Katalyst Their 4th Generation DAC Technology
L inn’s Katalyst has somewhat slipped under the radar but was first announced in September 2016. Katalyst is an improvement to the DAC section of the Linn DS and DSM streamers and best of all can be retro fitted to non Katalyst DS and DSM players. Katalyst is in fact Linn’s 4th Generation DAC technology following in the footsteps of Numerik, the CD12 and the original Klimax DS DAC technology.

Review - Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core

Naim Uniti Core Server Is Now Available
T he Naim Uniti Core, the first product in Naim’s four model all new Uniti series, is now available. The Uniti Core replaces the UnitiServe and like the UnitiServe acts as a CD ripping and Network attached storage device. CD ripping also catalogues the rip using the Rovi on-line database. You can then search by title, artist, genre, track or composer. The Uniti Core can also play computer audio files. To do this you connect the Uniti Core, via its BNC coax S/PDIF output (a BNC to RCA adapter is supplied), to a DAC or amp with digital inputs, and use a new app from Naim to control music playback.

Review - Leema Sirius

Leema Sirius

Leema Acoustics Launch Sirius - A new hi-fi-grade music server
L eema’s Sirius is a hi-fi-grade streaming music server system that provides a high-performance solution for the storage and playback of digital music (priced at £3,995). Developed in partnership with Innuos, Leema’s ex-BBC engineers have combined audiophile performance with the convenience of a UPNP/DNLA-compatible music server.
Sirius is the latest edition to Leema’s flagship Constellation range. It features a raft of audiophile-grade components centred on a powerful server-grade main circuit board with a high-speed quad-core processor with up to eight gigabytes of system memory.

Review - Onkyo NS-6130

Onkyo NS-6130

Onkyo Reveal The NS-6130 Streamer
T he Onkyo NS-6130 is a network audio player or streamer with fully symmetrical Left and Right channel layout, and a DAC that can decode PCM material up to even 24 bit / 192 kHz computer audio files and DSD. The NS-6130 features noiseless signal processing and a new Onkyo Controller app that can control Google Cast + AirPlay to cast what’s playing on your mobile or PC. Tidal, TuneIn, and Deezer are also supported via their respective apps. Applying analogue philosophy to a digital component, the NS-6130’s proven circuit layout combines with VLSC pulse-noise-removal technology to deliver a clean and stable signal to the next component in the chain your integrated amp or pre amp.

Review - Auralic Aries Mini

Auralic Aries Mini

How Does The Auralic Aries Mini Compare Against Other Streamers
A uralic say thet the No.1 question our sales team have received is 'what exactly ARIES MINI is?'. To help explain they've produced a comparison chart where they compare the features of the Aries Mini vs Sonos Connect, BlueSound Node 2, MicroRendu and the NAD D7050.

Review - Musical Fidelity Encore Connect

Musical Fidelity Encore Connect

Musical Fidelity Launch The Encore Connect - Music Streamer
T he Musical Fidelity Encore Connect is the second product in the Musical Fidelity Encore range. The Encore connect can be thought of as offering everything offered by the Encore 225 but minus the power amp. The Encore Connect can then be used into existing HiFi amplification or active speaker systems or multiroom systems such as Sonos speakers.

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Lightning DS 3 For iOS Now Available
A uralic's Lightning DS iOS version 3.0 has been released and is available to download now. Auralic have added a number of New Features, Improvements and Fizes in the release.

Review - Sony UHP-H1

Sony UHP-H1

Sony Reveal The UHP-H1 - A Universal Streamer And Disc Player
T he Sony UHP-H1, is a Universal Streamer, Disc player and Bluetooth receiver capable of streaming Hi-Res Audio and 4K video with 4K upscaling up to 60p (as a bonus !) from the one box.

Review - Quad Artera Link

Quad Artera Link

Quad Reveal The Artera Link Streamer
T he Quad Artera Link is the second streamer in the Quad Artera range after the first the Artera One. Quad Artera Link is a streamer / DAC / Preamp and CD player, while the Artera One offers the same features, with additional built in amplification and airplay connection.

Review - Audiolab 8300N - Streamer

Audiolab 8300N - Streamer

Audiolab Reveal The 8300N - Streamer
T he Audiolab 8300N – is both a wired and wireless streamer. Users can expect the same exceptional performance and sound quality as the 8300CD, formatted for wireless connectivity featuring: UPnP streaming, Spotify connect compatibility, vTuner support and Bluetooth. Additionally there a wealth of analogue and digital connections on the rear panel (including balanced XLR, USB A, USB B, Ethernet and more)

Review - Marantz NA6005 - Streamer

Marantz NA6005 - Streamer

Marantz Launch The NA6005 - Streamer
T he Marantz NA6005 is a dedicated network audio player or streamer that retails for £279. The NA6005 adds steaming capabilities to the Marantz 6005 series which already includes an integrated amp the PM6005 and a CD Player, the CD6005. Amongst the extensive features of the NA6005 there’s wireless streaming functionality including Wi-Fi, Bluetooth (via dual Wi-Fi/Bluetooth antennas), and Airplay. There’s even Internet Radio via vTuner and the capability to use the NA6005 as a standalone DAC via the optical connection.

Review - Technics ST-G30 - Music Server

Technics ST-G30 - Music Server

Technics Reveal The ST-G30 - Music Server
T he Technics - ST-G30 Music Server (price T.B.A.) was first seen at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016 and is a CD ripper and music server in one box. The CD Transport and associated software in the ST-G30 have been specially designed by Technics for bit perfect CD ripping. Once ripped the WAV of FLAC computer audio file is stored on a very fast internal SSD drive. This SSD is replaceable allowing the ST-G30 to be upgraded without having to be completely replaced ! Already ripped / purchased computer audio files including Hi-Res Audio files can be loaded onto the SSD drive of the ST-G30 to become part of a music library. Availability of the ST-G30 is late spring 2016.

Review - Unison Research - Unico CD Due

Unison Research - Unico CD Due

Unison Research Launch The Unico CD Due - CD Player, DAC And Bluetooth Receiver
T he Unison Reasearch - Unico CD Due is a CD player, Bluetooth receiver and a fully functioning USB DAC. THe CD Due combines an extensive feature set with Unison Research’s renowned valve expertise to offer a rich analogue style sound from digital sources. The CD Due is being launched at the Bristol HiFi Show 2016. Retail price for the CD Due is £3,200.00, there's a black fascia CD Due finish available for £100.00 more.

Review - McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

McIntosh MB50 Streaming Audio Player

McIntosh Launch The MB50 Streaming Audio Player
T he McIntosh MB50 was revealed at CES as one of three new McIntosh products, the MB50 and the RS100 being the two HiFi products. The MB50 is both a Wireless and Wired streamer. The MB50 also has analogue inputs and volume controls so can be used as a preamp. Finally there’s a 3.5 mm headphone jack and headphone amp for headphone listening . The MB50 is App controllable (both iOS and Android) and can be streamed to using the Apple or Mobile App and a Windows desktop app. The MB50 is available in the US now for $2,000 - UK price and availability has yet to be announced.

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Add MQA Decoding To Lightning DS Devices
A uralic have upgraded Lightning streaming services to be able to process Meridian's MQA technology. The clever bit here is that the Lightning streaming software can take an MQA encoded computer audio file and "Unfold" it. "Unfolding" here means converting the MQA file back natively to its original sampling rate. This results in a PCM file that can be sent to, and decoded by, any DAC (doesn't have to be an Auralic DAC).

Review - Pro-Ject Stream Box DS net

Pro-Ject Stream Box DS net

Tidal Streaming Service Is Now built Into Pro-Ject Streamers
T he Tidal streaming service is now built into Pro-Ject streamers’ operating systems. It’s completely controlled within the free Box Control app, which also offers complete control over your streamer. Best thing is that the new Tidal support from Pro-Ject is a free upgrade.

Review - Meridian 818V3 Reference Audio Core

Meridian 818V3 Reference Audio Core

Meridian Launch The 818V3 Reference Audio Core
M eridian Audio launch the 818V3 Reference Audio Core (£8,000), the 818V3 is the latest version of its ultimate home audio system hub, so offers streaming, preamp and USB DAC capabilities in one box. This third generation machine adds significant upgrades to its multi-talented forebear’s impressive audio arsenal and, in keeping with Meridian’s inclusive engineering disciplines, offers an upgrade path to existing 818 owners. Ranged as standard in Black the £8,000.00 model also embraces Meridian’s Select Programme bespoke colour service, opening-up a choice of 270 colours for a £500.00 premium.

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Lightning DS 2.2 Now Available
A uralic's Lightning DS 2.2 is coming and available to download now. Auralic have added the Qobuz Hi-Res, TIDAL Rising & Discovery function in this version. The 2.2 also fixes various issues reported by Auralic customers.

Review - Cambridge Audio 851N

Cambridge Audio 851N

Cambridge Audio Announce NP30, Minx Xi, Stream Magic 6, 851N and CXN Streamer Improvements
C ambridge Audio have announced that owners of their NP30, Minx Xi and Stream Magic 6 streamers will now have access to Spotify Connect and support for the new and improved Cambridge Connect app with its new queue based user interface.

Review - Auralic Aries Mini

Auralic Aries Mini

Auralic Launch The Auralic Aries Mini Streamer
T he Auralic Aries Mini Streamer is a less expensive version of Auralic Aries in that Aries Mini is going to retail for $399 or 459 Euros. Aries Mini is also going to include an internal DAC based on the Sabre ES90 18K2M chip. So you pay less and get more, must be a catch somewhere !

Review - Linn Klimax DS

Linn Klimax DS

Linn Upgrade Their DS Streamer Range
L inn have improved the Linn DS streamer range with new models of the Klimax DS, Akurate DS, Majik DS and Majik DSM. The performance improvements involve a new clocking architecture and improved audio circuitry layout via a reduction in number of components, and shorter signal paths. These two improvements have resulted in reduced jitter. The new Linn DS streamers are compatible with Linn’s Exaktbox and are cheaper than before ! Prices have also been reduced as follows - 2015 Klimax DS is priced at £13,300, with the Akurate DS at £4,750, Majik DS £1,990 and Majik DSM £2,965. Existing Linn DS owners can upgrade to the 2015 spec too.

Review - M1 Click

M1 Click

Musical Fidelity M1 Click - Short video from Music Matters
A short video from Music Matters about the Musical Fidelity M1 Click a Streamer, Preamp and USB DAC. The comprehensive video explains the functions and input outputs found in the MF M1 Click and shows how it can now be controlled via an iPad.

Review - Cambridge Audio 851N

Cambridge Audio 851N

Cambridge Audio Launch The 851N - Flagship Network Audio Player or Streamer
T he Cambridge Audio 851N is Cambridge audio’s top of the range network audio player or streamer. It can also be used as a standalone USB DAC and a digital preamp. The DAC section of the 851N uses Cambridge Audio’s ATF2 24 bit 384kHz Upsampling ( ATF stands for Adaptive Time Filtering ) to pretty much completely eliminate digital jitter. Cambridge Audio claim that ATF2 draws more detail and information out of a digital source. Two AD1955 DACS one per channel are used to decode up to 24 bit 192 kHz PCM and DSD. Streaming is via ethernet or Wi-Fi and includes Spotify Connect, Apple AirPlay, as well as up to 24 bit 192 kHz PCM and DSD.

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

AURALiC ARIES Now Streams Quad-Rate DSD
N ot exactly a mainstream format Quad Rate DSD or DSD256 but the Auralic Aries can now stream DSD256 over WiFi and by a coming free firmware update too.

Review - Meridian Sooloos

Meridian Sooloos

Meridian Launch Tidal On The Sooloos Streamer
M eridian Audio and the on-line music streaming service TIDAL, have combined to offer TIDAL on the Meridian’s Sooloos digital media system. Sooloos owners will be able to seamlessly stream TIDAL’s extensive library of CD-quality music from Jan 2015.

Review - Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries Streamer

Auralic Aries gets new USB playback capabilities
T he £1,500 Auralic Aries is a digital media bridge. As such it has no internal DAC and functions to allow you to select and playback digital sources - whether these are held on streaming services such as TIDAL Qobuz etc. - or your own digital media collection held on a NAS drive. What about USB collections of computer audio held on large USB drives or even USB SSD drives ?


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