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Review - Dagostino MLife

Dagostino MLife

DAgostino Inc MLife - Integrated Amp and Streamer More Video Info
A round 10 mins from Dan D’Agostino himself explaining the new DAgostino Inc products seen at CES 2015 including the MLife (Momentum Life Style) Integrated Amp and Streamer and also the new Home Theatre products. There's a nod to expensive watches and Bugatti cars in the aesthetics of these products, mentioned too. Expense continues in the coming next - $10,000 Momentum Headphone amp. finally a new Projection range will be unveiled at the Munich High End HiFi Show 2015.

Review - Dagostino MLife

Dagostino MLife

DAgostino Inc reveal MLife - An Integrated Amp and Streamer
T he DAgostino MLife is the Momentum Integrated amplifier ( the most expensive on HiFi Enthusiast at £44,000 ) coupled with digital inputs (both S/PDIF and USB), ethernet network connection and wireless streaming via Bluetooth aptX and Apple Airplay.

Review - Momentum integrated amp

Momentum integrated amp

Rumours of a Dan D'Agostino Momentum integrated amp prove true
T he U.K. price of the DAgostino integrated amp has been announced. Not cheap at £44,000 in black , £42,000 in silver. Dan D’Agostino the man behind the rise of Krell Electronics has caused a stir in high end circles with his own company DAgostinoInc and the Momentum power , mono-block and recent Momentum pre-amp, rumours that the next model would be an integrated amp have proved true!


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