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Review - Creek Ruby DAC

Creek Ruby DAC

Creek Launch The Ruby DAC
T he £399 Creek Ruby DAC is an add on module for either the Creek Evolution 50A integrated amp or the Creek Evolution 100A integrated amplifier. The Ruby DAC is actually more than just a DAC as it also gives the 50A and 100A Bluetooth and FM radio reception capabilities. The Ruby DAC can be user installed (with a bit of screwdriver and ribbon cable attachment expertise !) in place of the 5th analogue input in the Evolution 50A and 100A amps.

Review - Creek Audio 100A

Creek Audio 100A

Creek Audio launch the 100A - Integrated amp
T he 100 Watts per channel Creek Audio Evolution 100A, integrated amplifier, is housed in a very similar casing to the award winning Creek Evolution 50 s but offers twice the power,

Review - Evolution 50 CD

Evolution 50 CD

New CD Player and USB DAC the Evolution 50CD from Creek Audio
T he EVOLUTION 50CD DAC and CD Player is part of a new generation of products from Creek Audio, designed for digital connectivity and uncompromised flexibility. Cosmetically the EVOLUTION 50CD is similar to the EVOLUTION 50A integrated amplifier; its slim case and luxurious front panel is finished in either black or silver brushed aluminium and deeply engraved. Also like the matching amp, the EVOLUTION 50CD uses a custom soft push button arrangement that offers excellent tactile feel. Each button is backlit with a white LED to clearly display usable functions, for optimum user-friendliness.


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