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Review - CAD - GC1 Ground Control

CAD - GC1 Ground Control

Computer Audio Design Reveal The CG1 Ground Control
T he Computer Audio Design or CAD CG1 Ground Control (£1,400 "ish" price hasn't been set in stone yet) is a background noise reducer that results in less noise in your HiFi. With less noise there’s more detail and ultimately a better sound quality heard through your speakers/headphones. Unlike dedicated power supplies, which also reduce the background noise level, the Ground Control is not connected to the mains but is connected to spare sockets on your HiFi or a Computer USB slot. The prime function of the Ground Control is to lower the background noise level by reducing high frequency noise on the signal ground plane and to dissipate this noise as heat.

Review - CAD 1543 MKII DAC


Computer Audio Design Launch The 1543 MKII DAC
T he CAD (Computer Audio Design) 1543 USB DAC has been upgraded to the 1543 MKII model. The 1543 MkII still only has one digital input (A USB Input), RCA outputs and a captive power lead and costs £7,250. The upgrades in the 1543 MKII are proprietary EMI/RFI reduction materials, improved DAC circuit boards, single - crystal UP-OCC internal wiring and refined power supply filtering. The ood news for existing owners is that the original CAD 1543 can be upgraded to the 1543 MKII DAC for £600.

Review - CAD USB Cable


CAD launches proprietary-technology USB cable
C omputer Audio Design or CAD, the award-winning British high-end DAC specialist, has launched an advanced new patent-pending USB cable with a 30-day money-back guarantee!

Review - CAD CAT


CAD launch a CD ripper and playback device - the CAT
C AD have launched an automated CD ripper. This device rips the CD to memory. The amount of memory is to be defined by you. It can playback the music via the 1543 DAC, using their brand new CAD cable.


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