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Review - Statement v2

Statement v2

Book your tickets to the UK launch of Clearaudio's Statement v2 turntable
S tone Audio will be hosting the launch of Clearaudio's Statement v2 on Friday 1st and Saturday 2nd July 2016. This will be the UK's first following its initial preview at the Hi-Fi Show Live in Windsor. This is the first time that the Statement which has been lauded by critics as one of just a handful of the world's finest turntables - has been available for demonstration with a UK dealer.

Review - Clearaudio Concept

Clearaudio Concept

Clearaudio Launch The Concept Wood Turntable
T he original Clearaudio Concept turntable came with arm and moving magnet (MM) cartridge. This original version is now known as the Clearaudio Concept MM. A second version with a moving coil or MC cartridge was introduced known as the Clearaudio Concept MC. Both these two turntables now come in a “Wood” version giving rise to the Clearaudio Concept Wood MM and the Clearaudio Concept Wood MC. The Concept’s frictionless magnetic bearing tonearm ensured the optimal performance of either MM or MC cartridge.

Review - Clearaudio Ovation

Clearaudio Ovation

Clearaudio Launch the Ovation Turntable
T he £5995 Clearaudio Ovation turntable is capable of 33 ⅓, 45 and 78 rpm replay and is available in two finishes black (shown) or wood. The Clearaudio Ovation turntable contains a precision-machined chassis comprising a sandwich of aluminium and panzerholz bulletproof wood, 100,000 tiny metal balls eliminate any possibility of harmful resonances. Hidden under a 40mm-thick platter made of resonance damping POM is a very quiet decoupled DC motor with high torque.

Review - Clearaudio Performance

Clearaudio Performance

Clearaudio launch the Clearaudio Performance turntable
T he £2,595 Clearaudio Performance DC ( available in black or silver ) is a complete package consisting of the Clearaudio Performance turntable , combined with the Clarify tonearm and the Virtuoso V2 moving magnet (MM) cartridge

Review - Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge

Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge

Clearaudio launch the Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge
T he ClearAudio Concept MC Cartridge is based around a boron cantilever this enables it to match the left and right channel to within half a decibel.

Review - Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable

Clearaudio Master Innovation turntable

ClearAudio launch the Master Innovation turntable
T he Clearaudio Master Innovation builds on the Inoovation using some features trickled down from the flagship Statement turntable.


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