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Review - Chord Ohmic

Chord Ohmic

The Chord Company announces revolutionary ChordOhmic loudspeaker plugs available for any speaker cable
T he Chord Company has launched ChordOhmic,a revolutionary new silver-plated loudspeaker plug developed from the flagship ChordMusic and Sarum T speaker plug, that offers the proven conductivity and signal-preservation benefits of silver, backed up by the Chord’s build quality.

Review - Chord Shawline

Chord Shawline

New Chord Shawline Streaming Cable Uses Trickle-Down Technology To Preserve Digital Music Streams
T he Chord Company has added to its award-winning Shawline cable range with the introduction of a technology-rich streaming cable offering great value, performance and build quality: Shawline streaming cable. (£220).

Review - Chord Sarum T

Chord Sarum T

Chord launch the Sarum T cable range
T he Chord Company has launched Sarum T, a new cable range that builds on the success of the acclaimed Sarum Super ARAY range but improved through the use of Chord’s breakthrough proprietary insulation material, Taylon, found in Chord’s top of the range ChordMusic cables.

Review - Chord ShawCan

Chord ShawCan

Chord Company Launches ShawCan - Their First Headphone Cable
T he Chord Company is launching ShawCan — its first ever headphone cable at October’s headroom show, part of The Indulgence Show (14-16th October, Novotel London West).For the first time in over 30 years, The Chord Company has applied its cable-building expertise to a headphone cable. The new ShawCan, which will make its debut at October’s headroom show is a thoroughbred Chord cable and features the company’s unique Tuned ARAY conductor technology.

Review - Chord Clearway Analogue

Chord Clearway Analogue

The Chord Company launches £100 Clearway Analogue ARAY interconnect
T he Chord Company has expanded the award-winning Clearway range with the new Clearway Analogue interconnect (£100). Featuring the unique ARAY conductor technology used on the award-winning C-line, the materials used to produce the Clearway Analogue improves upon every aspect of the C–line’s performance

Review - ChordMusic


Chord Launch ChordMusic Their New Flagship Cable Range
C hord demoed ChordMusic at the 2015 Bristol HiFi Show and ChordMusic, their flagship cable range, is now launched. Not cheap though so look away now those who don't like expensive cables or feel that cables make no difference to the sound quality of a HiFi system !

Review - Chord Epic Analogue

Chord Epic Analogue

Chord Announce - Shawline And Major Cable Range Changes
C hord Company have announced a major cable range restructuring and new cable ranges such as Shawline. All the old ranges below Epic, that do not use Chord's tuned array technology, such as Chameleon are being discontinued and replaced by new cable ranges. Also all the cable ranges will now employ the tuned array technology. The tuned array technology has already been seen in C-Line where the tuned array technology, previously only available in the very expensive Sarum cables, had been trickled down to a £50 cable. The new ranges are structured around price points and the cables in the range represent the very best cable that Chord can manufacture at that price point. The price points and cable range names are:-

Review - Chord C-SCREEN


Chord Launch C-SCREEN - An Affordable speaker cable
C hord's C-screen (at £5 per metre) is a brand new shielded speaker cable aimed at both audio and home cinema systems. It joins the award-winning line up of Chord Company shielded speaker cables, including the acclaimed Chord Clearway and the high-performance Chord Signature Reference.

Review - Chord Clearway Digital Tuned Array

Chord Clearway Digital Tuned Array

Chord Launch The Clearway Digital Tuned Array Coax Cable
C hord’s new Clearway Digital costs £100 and is a high-performance digital coaxial audio cable designed and built to deliver the full potential of today’s high-quality digital music. As with the Clearway analogue interconnect the Clearway Digital offers Chord’s Tuned ARAY technology (previously only seen in Chord’s top of the range (and very expensive cables such as the Sarum Super ARAY Digital)) but now at a much more affordable price point.

Review - Chord Clearway

Chord Clearway

Chord Launch Clearway Speaker Cable
T he Chord Company, has launched Clearway (£10 per metre) a high-performance, low-cost speaker cable that replaces the critically acclaimed Carnival SilverScreen and introduces a host of advanced features.

Review - Chord Sarum Super Array Interconnect

Chord Sarum Super Array Interconnect

Chord Launch The Chord Sarum Super ARAY Interconnect
T he Chord Company has launched its most advanced analogue interconnect to date: Sarum Super ARAY (prices start from £1,900). The best part though is that existing Sarum owners can upgrade to Sarum Super ARAY (Upgrade prices at the end of this article).

Review - Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cable

Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cable

Chord Launch The Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cable
T he Chord Company has launched its most advanced mains product to date the Chord Sarum Super ARAY power cable. The new super-high-performance Chord Sarum Super ARAY is the Wiltshire Company’s flagship power cable and forms part of a new reference-level range first unveiled at The Bristol HiFi Show 2015, back in February.

Review - Chord C-Stream - Ethernet cable

Chord C-Stream - Ethernet cable

Chord Launch The Signature Ethernet Cable
T he Chord Company has expanded its dedicated high-performance streaming cable range with the addition of the Chord Signature Tuned ARAY streaming cables (or Ethernet cable). The new Chord Signature Ethernet cable benefits from trickle down technology originally developed for the flagship Sarum range.

Review - Chord Signature Power Cable

Chord Signature Power Cable

Chord Company Launch The Signature Power Cable
T he Chord Company, well renown as a cable manufacturer, has introduced its proprietary ARAY technology into a mains cable. The new £500 Signature ARAY power cable will be launched at The Bristol HiFi Show 2015.

Review - Chord C-Line

Chord C-Line

Chord Company launch the C-Line interconnect
T he new Chord C-Line analogue interconnect uses the companies tuned array technology, found in the company’s top of the range Sarum cables, but costs just £45 for a 1 metre length (£35 for 0.5 metres).

Review - Chord Company Silent Mounts

Chord Company Silent Mounts

Chord Company launch Silent Mounts - HiFi isolation feet
T he Chord Company has launched a new range of high-quality, Japanese-made isolation devices called Silent Mount. The devices, which come in packs of four, can be used with a wide range of spike-equipped audio products, including floorstanding speakers, speaker stands and equipment racks.

Review - Chord Company Signature Reference speaker cable

Chord Company Signature Reference speaker cable

Chord Company launch the Signature Reference speaker cable
P articularly interested in this product release as I use Chord Signature speaker cable in my own hifi system. Wonder if the Chord Company offer an upgrade deal to Chord Signature Reference ?!

Review - Chord Epic Reference

Chord Epic Reference

The Chord Company launch a new version of its legendary Epic speaker cable – Epic Reference
T he Chord Company’s internationally renowned high-performance speaker cable, Epic, has been taken to the next level with the release of Epic Reference. The new upgraded version brings even greater accuracy across a wider bandwidth than the original and brings all the performance benefits of separately shielded conductor construction.

Review - Sarsen Speaker Cable

Sarsen Speaker Cable

New affordable speaker cable - The Sarsen - from The Chord Company
T he Chord Company launches a new, affordable speaker cable that’s hard to see, but easy to hear.

Review - 3 New Ethernet Cables From Chord Company

3 New Ethernet Cables From Chord Company
T hree new high quality, high performance Ethernet cables. Available now from Chord. Their findings back up what we heard from Audioquest at The hi-fi Show 2013 , where there can be a big improvement upgrading the ethernet cable into a streamer.

Review - Chord Signature and Indigo Array

Chord Signature and Indigo Array

Chord range expands with new Signature Tuned ARAY
T He Chord Company have expanded their cable range with the new Signature Tuned ARAY - read more via the link below :-


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