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Review - Ortofon Stylus 2M Blue 100

Ortofon Stylus 2M Blue 100

Ortofon Introduce Anniversary Stylus Upgrade - The Ortofon Stylus 2M Blue 100
T hought Quad was the oldest HiFi company out there but Ortofon turn 100 this year, and to celebrate the occasion there will be a string of announcements from them throughout the year. The first is a simple one, but it’s sure to be popular. With tens-of-thousands of 2M Red and 2M Silver cartridges out on the market, Ortofon want to promote the value of upgrading to the 2M Blue stylus. The Stylus 2M Blue 100 is exactly the same as the popular 2M Blue stylus; it just comes with an extra paint-job and, more importantly, an even better price. An upgrade to the Stylus 2M Blue has the potential to lift the musical experience of tens of thousands customers around the world, and the Stylus 2M Blue 100 aims to achieve that in the most cost-effective way possible.

Review - Ortofon MC Winfeld TI

Ortofon MC Winfeld TI

Ortofon Mc Windfeld Ti Cartridge Available Now
T he MC Windfeld cartridge from Ortofon has been a resounding high-end success, since its original introduction in 2008. But Ortofon are not one to rest on their laurels, and so they’ve decided to re-design the cartridge (named after their long-standing ex-Chief Engineer) to incorporate some of the Danish experts’ latest and greatest technologies.

Review - Rega Ania

Rega Ania

Rega launch the Ania - MC Cartridge
T he Rega Ania is the latest of three now, and entry level Moving Coil Cartridge in the Rega MC Cartridge range. Above Ania are the Apheta 2 and the Aphelion. Ania comes in at £498 so is around half the price of the Apheta 2. Rega see Ania as being suitable to partner with the Planar 3 or RP8,

Review - Rega - Aphelion MC Cartridge

Rega - Aphelion MC Cartridge

Rega Launch The Aphelion MC Cartridge
T he Rega Aphelion MC Cartridge is mow Rega's top of the range cartridge, taking over from the Apheta 2. The Aphelion is a moving coil design that retails at £2,998. The Aphelion builds on the technology Rega developed for the Apheta 2 and Rega see the Aphelion , RB200 and RP10 turntable as their (Currently !) top turntable offering - the combined package of RP10 / RP200 and Aphelion is £5,498

Review - Linn Krystal - Moving Coil Cartridge

Linn Krystal - Moving Coil Cartridge

Linn Reveal The Krystal - A Moving Coil Cartridge
L inn have unveiled the Krystal – a moving coil cartridge that they’re launching in February 2016. The Krystal MC cartridge is the fruits of a two year development project, based around distilling the design elements of their top of the range MC Cartridge Kandid into Krystal.

Review - Ortofon

Ortofon's 2M Mono Special Edition

Ortofon launch the 2M Mono Special Edition cartridge
O rtofon's new 2M Mono Special Edition cartridge is a tribute Mono cartridge designed to get a better sound, from a mono record, than a stereo cartridge can. It is only available from Ortofon’s web shop (link below :-)

Review - Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge

Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge

Clearaudio launch the Clearaudio Concept - MC Cartridge
T he ClearAudio Concept MC Cartridge is based around a boron cantilever this enables it to match the left and right channel to within half a decibel.

Review - Ortofon Quintet - MC Phono Cartridge Range

Ortofon Quintet - MC Phono Cartridge Range

Ortofon Quintet - MC Phono Cartridge Range
T he Quintet Series of Moving Coil (MC) phono pick – up cartridges from Ortofon are a direct result of the company’s continued research and innovation in the field of micro engineering. The all new range of cartridges includes 5 models, Harmonizing with Ortofon’s existing Cadenza Series of premium MC cartridges, and the iconic 2M range of Moving Magnet designs. The Quintet Mono, Quintet Red, Quintet Blue, Quintet Bronze and Quintet Black will be available from late January 2014.

Review - Transfiguration Phoenix

Transfiguration Phoenix

Transfiguration Phoenix Moving Coil Cartridge
T ransfiguration Phoenix S Moving Coil cartridge. The world's most musically natural cartridge ?


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